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The New York Giants Need To Clean House


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After last weekend’s debacle, it is clear that the Giants have serious problems. Maybe we knew this already, but the latest loss cemented it. Following their upset win against Denver, some hopeful fans were fooled into thinking they would be competitive going forward. Denver lost 21-0 against a Chargers team that had not won at home since moving from San Diego, so clearly the win over Denver was more about the Broncos losing with an awful performance. Fans are delusional. You might have heard somebody say that the term fans is short for fanatics. We want some hope. Even Jets fans have a tough time rooting for the team to tank.

Frustrating play is unfortunately common right now in the NFL. Teams are way too conservative. Often I prefer to call them stupid. In the past week I saw two quarterbacks throw passes away on fourth down when trailing to avoid pressure late in a game. It allowed the opponents to kneel and run off what time was left. Basically, those teams just waved a white flag. I’m not sure if this was to prevent an interception or some momentary mental lapse. As for the Giants, we saw a lot of this silly play during their opening loss against Dallas.

I’ll focus on the Seattle game. Their first drive was a sign of things to come. Needing six on third down, Eli Manning found Evan Engram for three yards. This drive continued after a running into the kicker penalty, but they would eventually punt anyway. That’s the main problem. Throw passes that can get a first down. It’s not third and five miles. They are too conservative. I understand not wanting to turn it over and take chances when you are tied or close, but seven points will not win the game.

When you fall behind late, you’ll need to take chances. The defense will know this. They will be ready and waiting. Even when the Giants get down, they still do these worthless short passes. I know Seattle has more talent, but they tossed one fairly deep for a touchdown on second and goal from the 22. Seattle was down 7-3. After going ahead the Seahawks continued to be aggressive, including a flea flicker. At 10-7 Seahawks, the Giants were driving. A false start set them back to third and 11. I knew they would not throw a pass that far. The completion for one yard moved them to Seattle’s 29. They tried a fairly long field goal to tie it. The kick was no good. It seems like the Giants don’t even really attempt to score sometimes. Certainly no desperation. Whatever they’re trying is not working.

I know guys are injured and they have line problems, but throw it deep sometimes. At least far enough for a first down. Especially when you are losing. Maybe 30 years ago you could play like this with a great defense and strong running game. We are in an offensive era, and I keep hearing about what a tremendous quarterback they have.

The bottom line is people should go. Obviously Eli needs more protection. Their line is bad, and the running game has not been great. Holes were not plugged. Jerry Reese has been around for a long time, and I think he should be out. Whoever is responsible for these short passes on third down also needs to leave. I don’t know if it is McAdoo, Sullivan, or Manning. Just to be sure we get the guilty party, everybody can hit the road.

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