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Giants Week 6 Review: We Won?

When you think the Giants are going to zig, they zag. Hand up. I’ll say it. I expected the Giants to get blown out and I’d be done watching at halftime. There was no way this team would come back after another agonizing defeat last week. The team was missing OBJ, B Marsh, and Shep. They were 13.5 point underdogs. The O-line was going to get embarrassed by Von Miller and the boys.

Isn’t football a funny game? We are the greatest 1-5 team in the history of football. The Giants looked like an actual football team last night. It was a weird feeling because I haven’t felt that way about this team since December 2016. A couple of quick notes:

– How did Paul Perkins start for this team for so long? Orleans Darkwa has shown over the past couple of weeks that he should get the majority of the carries. 21 for 117 is something I didn’t even know was possible from a Giants running back. Gallman as the #2 RB is also a fine compliment. These two should be the only ones who run the ball from here on out.

– Evan Engram is going to be a problem for opposing defenses for years to come. He’s the fastest TE in the league and continues to cause matchup problems. I see a 800 yards, 8 TD year in the near future.

– The O-line easily had its best performance last year. Eli did get hit a decent amount last night, but a lot of those were coverage sacks so that’s not entirely on the O-line. It’s amazing how balanced we can be when the O-line blocks well.

– I expect this topic to be brought up on every NY radio show. “Are the Giants better without Odell Beckham Jr?” The easy answer is no, and the hard answer is no. We are a better team with OBJ on the field. That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact. However, could the team do without his on-the-field and off-the-field antics? Absolutely. I would not say this injury was a blessing, but maybe some time away from the game will be good for Beckham and help his maturation process. We will need him next year.

– The defense showed that they can still be a Top 5 defense when they’re playing well. From start to finish, the defense made big play after big play despite giving up 412 yards of offense. All of the big plays were timely and came in big spots. JPP and Jackrabbit were on another level last night.

Final Thoughts

Super Bowl here we come!

Kidding, but it was nice to get a win. I said it’s not in our nature to tank so the Gmen are going to play hard every game. They have Seattle coming to town this week before the bye. Anything can happen in the National Football League.

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