Saying Goodbye To Toys “R” Us

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Seeing that Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy last month was upsetting to me. I worked there for a few months and considered going back, but it was mostly about my memories from years ago. One reason I saw somebody mention is that kids today want tablets instead of toys. It’s bad enough we see adults with their heads buried in phones and whatever else. Seeing the same thing is really frustrating with this younger generation. Spoiled brats. I mean cute darlings.

Perhaps you had a relative who spoke about only having a rock or broomstick to play with. I was not quite that bad. Growing up, I played Atari. Eventually Sega. Some Nintendo. Many of the cartridges (that’s what people called them) were baseball, basketball, football, or hockey. The systems kept changing. It went to Super Nintendo. Eventually I gave up. Getting different games is one thing. Needing to start all over is another. My prized possessions were action figures. WWF wrestlers. Mostly the rubber LJN guys. Later they came out with smaller figures from Hasbro. There were big Wrestling Buddies. For a time, they sold toys that would stretch. Those were cool, but then powder would start to fall out of a hole. It was mostly about those LJN guys though. Being a fan of wrestling in the late 1980s was something really special. Particularly with those action figures.

However, it wasn’t always like that. First my mother bought me AWA figures. I didn’t really follow that, and it was not received well by me. I’m sure they were cheaper. Possibly on sale. The LJN figures came out in 1984. Before that, you really had to be creative. I had a stuffed Big Bird, and would wrestle with that in my yard. The chain linked fence was perfect to create a steel cage match. I would make bottles of shampoo wrestle each other. Selsun Blue had a title because my favorite color is blue. That left a messy kitchen floor. When He-Man figures came out, my world changed. Now I could make actual figures wrestle. Arms and legs. You could do holds. I put together my own MSG card. Monday night Beast Man challenges He-Man for the championship. Skeletor will be in Beast Man’s corner. Seeing that Geico commercial with Skeletor really takes me back.

In closing, shop for toys. Don’t let everything be about electronics. Kids don’t need to grow up so quickly. I am trying to offset the kids today. I’m never growing up. I will always be a Toys “R” Us kid!

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