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Official DMR Picks In The NFL: Week 6 Edition


TIMEOUT TIMEOUT TIMEOUT. This NFL season needs to slow down as we are somehow already into week 6 where they play for pay right in the heart of October. It’s usually around this time where the great teams begin to hit their strides and separate themselves from the rest of the pedestrian pack. Coming into this week, LTS holds the slight upper-hand after a 4-1 Sunday to give himself a 1 game lead over DG. Week 6 features 5 games with blowout potential, as the favorites find themselves giving at least nine points or more.

LordTreeSap – 12-8 (2-2 Lock)

Browns @ Texans (-9.5)

If the U.S. wants to implement a new torture tactic on ISIS I’m all for showing them last week’s tape of the Jets vs Browns game. That shouldn’t even be categorized as football, when you check out the later Cowboys vs Packers game you’d think they were playing two totally different sports. “A 50-yard pass, is that even legal?” The Browns are awful, and they’re starting Kevin Hogan. Houston competed with the best the league has to offer in Kansas City, they should be able to ride Watson to a double-digit victory with ease here.

49ers (+11) @ Redskins

Woah, woah, woah, hold the phone Cotton. Who gave the Redskins the right to be a double digit favorite. I’m throwing up the red flag here and taking the plethora of points with San Francisco who should be able to keep it somewhat close. Rob Kelley is most likely out for Washington. I think the Niners may be the team that gets disrespected by Vegas over and over keeping games close enough to not win them but cover.

Patriots @ Jets (+9.5)

The battle for first place in the AFC East, I would’ve thought you were crazy if you told me this would be the case in October for the New York Jets. I think the number is a bit too high in my opinion. The Jets have played the Pats close, especially at home even when they haven’t had the roster to compete. Just look at the results the past four years in MetLife below. I’m not saying the Jets will win this game outright, but I have a good feeling they can keep it close.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.14.57 PM.png

Giants @ Broncos (-11.5)

I was debating on making this my lock because of how much disarray the Giants find themselves in. Going to Mile High is never fun and with this roster of dysfunction I can smell a blow out like a whiff of weed in Downtown Denver. I feel bad for the G-Men, but tanking may be for the best at this point. The Broncos coming off their bye week should be able to pounce on the weary Giants early on their way to victory.

Lock: Packers (-3) @ Vikings

Let’s keep this short and sweet. Aaron Rodgers vs Case Keenum indoors on a short week and all we need to win by is a field goal. Go Pack Go.

DG: 11-9 (3-1 Lock)

Bucs @ Cardinals (+2)

I’m addicted to home underdogs. The Bucs are without a doubt the better team, but I don’t like them on the road. I think A.P. turns back the clock and gets in the end-zone. I see this game going down to a last second FG. Cards cover.

Steelers @ Chiefs (-4)

This game does scare me. The Steelers were absolutely horrendous last week. That screams bounce back game…Not so fast my friend! Chiefs are the best team in the NFL and they’re almost unbeatable at home. Alex Smith with 3+ TDs for the week.


Rams @ Jags (-2.5)

The Coughlin Effect! How about the Jags? What a great start to the year. Also, how about those Rams? One of these teams is actually going to legitimately compete for a playoff spot. I love that Goff has proven he can be a stud, but this game belongs to Blake. I’m Jaggin’ off this week as Blake and the boys get the W.

Patriots @ Jets (+9.5)

Screw it. The tank is off. Go Jets.

giphy (32).gif

Lock: Browns @ Texans (-9.5)

As I’ve said before, not crazy about any of these spreads. That being said, Deshaun Watson is the hottest QB (pause) in football. Houston has found their franchise QB for years to come. This game should not be close whatsoever. Texas in a blowout.


Joey FreshWater Teaser of The Week: 3 Teams – 10 points (-120)

Denver Broncos -1.5

Greenbay Packers +7

Atlanta Falcons -3

Risk $120 – Win $100




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