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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 3 Reaction: The Kevin Show

It only took 3 episodes, but I was FINALLY able to watch This Is Us on time. It felt good being able to watch with the general public, but man do commercials suck. Ok, enough complaining about commercials during a television show. Let’s just get right into the reaction. The episode was not as good as last week’s, but this was Kevin’s best episode in the show by far. Along with the Kevin Show, we had the arrival of Sylvester Stallone, a puppy, and Deja.

Season 2, Episode 3: ‘Deja Vu’


– Welcome to the Kevin Show! Everyone knows that I have a soft spot for adult Kevin so I’m always down to see my dude onscreen. Kevin has had his shining moments, but he never truly had his own episode the way Randall and Kate had theirs in Season 1. This was a new side of Kevin we haven’t seen before. Usually funny and charming, Kevin showed his serious and vulnerable side throughout so kudos to Justin Hartley on this awesome performance.

– Yo, Adrienne! Welcome to the family, Sylvester Stallone. It’s so weird seeing Sly not kicking ass in a Rocky, Rambo, or any action movie. Just as Kevin showed off a new side, Sly showed a new one as well as he played this wise, father figure to both Kevin and Kate. This is an out there comparison, but it’s like Sly was the ghost of Jack. Sly showed this wisdom and caring side that reminded me of Jack. I got the Jack-like vibe when Kate discussed her father with Stallone on the set. Kate BARELY talks about Jack with anyone so for her to go right up to Sly and talk about her father raised an eyebrow. Another eyebrow was raised when Sly talked about Jack with Kevin before shooting their scenes. I think there’s a bigger play for Sly than just a normal guest star. There’s an outside chance that Kevin reveals something about his dad that we don’t know about to Sly, something I thought could never happen.

– Flashbacks, flashbacks, and more flashbacks. Like the other two children, Kevin was clearly heartbroken by Jack’s death andhas no idea how to deal with it. A big theme in the show is “You are Jack Pearson’s son.” Just like Jack bottled up his problems, Kevin and Randall bottle up theres. We’ve never seen Kevin open up about Jack, which makes me think he feels guilty about the death just like Kate. I think it’s because he was not present when it happened. Kevin wasn’t there to save Jack. Also, Kevin is like Jack when it comes to addiction. Jack turned to alcohol and from the last scene, it looks like Kevin turns to painkillers. A new saga has developed.

– Look Scooby, a clue! Yes, we received some minor clues tonight about Jack’s death. Actually, I’m not going to call these two things clues. They’re more like pieces of the puzzle. Here are the pieces we received tonight:

  • Kevin was not present for Jack’s death / the news of Jack’s death, which we knew already. Kate was the one to tell Kevin, which we already knew as well. However, we saw a distraught teenage Kate walk up to the car Kevin was sleeping in on the night of the death. This moment is why Kate and Kevin are so close in the present. It’s this bond of grief that have kept them together over the years. It’s a burden they both share.
  • Jack was still alive when Kevin first injured his knee so Kevin did not hurt it in the fire.
  • A puppy! At the end of Jack and Rebecca’s date, they come upon a stray puppy. I’m not a detective, but I think this is the puppy that Kate was holding on the night of Jack’s death. What is its purpose? Call me crazy, but this puppy will play a part in Jack’s death.

– Besides Kevin, we had date night for Jack and Rebecca! A weird one too. You have to respect the make out session in the car. CLASSIC high school move right there. It brought me back to the time when…I mean I knew some friends who did that stuff. Anyway, Jack and Rebecca’s part in the episode was pretty average. It was solid, but nothing that made me go “Oh my god!” Jack is slowly trying to peel back layers into his past. The “I Miss Talking To You” speech was right in Jack’s wheelhouse. I honestly thought the puppy was the biggest reveal in their timeline. However, Dan Fogelman said that a big reveal about Jack’s past should happen by Episode 5 so set your alarm clocks!

– Quick shoutout to teenage Kate, Kevin, and especially Randall. It looks like they are going to have bigger parts this year. Teen Randall got his time to shine in this episode and proved he can bring it just like Sterling K. Brown. Expect big seasons from Teen Vogue’s Big Three.

Scene of the night belongs to William (no surprise here) and believe it or not, little Annie Pearson. I actually think this was Annie and Tess’s coming out party in terms of having big impacts on the show. They are starting to get more exposure and that should only continue with the introduction of Deja. Back to William and Annie. Very heartfelt scene. I’m not the biggest “wow, she’s so cute” kind of guy because I’m Mr. Tough, but Annie’s story about her sleepover was as cute as it comes. I feel your pain on not sleeping well at other houses! This only made me miss William more. William is a top 3 character so the more scenes he gets, the better.

– Last but not least, Randall and Beth! America’s new favorite couple finally got their wish as 12 year old Deja has joined the family. It was a rocky start for Deja, but if you thought this would be easy, you’re as naive as Randall. That being said, there goes that man Randall, giving another GREAT speech. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sterling K. Brown is the best actor on the show and this speech was just another entry on his resume. I saw “TV Dad Hall Of Fame” being thrown around with Randall. If he keeps this up, Randall might catapult past Jack as the show’s entry into the TV Dad Hall Of Fame.

Well that’s it for this week. I’ll see you next week, same time, same place. Thanks for reading.

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