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Josh Gordon Opens Up About His Struggles With Addiction In New ‘UNINTERRUPTED’ Documentary

Back in 2013, Josh Gordon was on top of the football world as he went on to lead the NFL in receiving while playing for the Cleveland Browns at the age of 22. Keep in mind he was suspended the first two games for substance abuse and Gordon became the first player to post back-to-back 200 yard games. After his All-Pro season, Josh was arrested for DWI and suspended 10 games and hasn’t appeared on an NFL field since December 21st, 2014. This was just the beginning of his down fall.

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Fast forward to 2017, the former Baylor University receiver is seeking reinstatement after multiple failed drug tests, arrests and suspensions. He is still only 26-years-old, in the prime of his athletic career. Gordon is currently in rehab and while on hiatus from the public, he met up with UNINTERRUPTED for a few days to train and explain the trials and tribulations he’s endured throughout his laboring journey in almost a cathartic manner.

The 2013 All-Pro talked about how he had been enabled his whole life, even while at Baylor coaches would help him detox to pass drug tests. Being good at football has let him not deal with certain personal issues the average person would have to confront at a younger age. Gordon is currently sober, after dealing with addiction and abuse of Xanax pills, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol.

Number 12 has been through a lot to put it lightly, as Gordon plans to finally meet his daughter for the first time back in Ohio since she was born when he gets out after spending 110 days in a rehabilitation center. Josh was actually complimentary of his father in the documentary, who has been absent from his life since he was 14. Gordon even calls Roger Goodell a mentor figure, who he will need in his corner when he applies for reinstatement once again later this year.

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Instead of throwing it all away, the man has finally decided to get his life back in order. If the 6’3″ speedster can find his way back on the field in 2018, that will be a scary sight for opposing defenses and a pleasant surprise for whoever decides to take a risk and sign the embattled wide out. Check out the 13-minute documentary above, where he details his humbling life experiences. This story isn’t finished just yet. Faith, Family and Football.


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