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This Is Us Season 2, Episode 2 Reaction: I’ve Been Drinking, I’ve Been Drinking

Time for another humble brag. I once again could not watch This Is Us live because I was at the Yankees v. Twins Wild Card game. You know, one of the most exciting games ever? Yup, that one. Anyways, my Twitter fam didn’t spoil it again so thank you for that.

Drinking, Landslide, and Vietnam. Manny say whatttttt? Let’s go.

Season 2, Episode 2 Reaction:A Manny-Splendored Thing


– As a whole, I thought this was a better episode than the premiere. I understand the big reveal at the end of the premiere was enormous, but this episode was more in the show’s wheelhouse. Everyone got their moment in the sun during this emotional episode.

– Every time Jack drinks, I immediately say “I’ve been drinking. I’ve been drinking.” Beyonce wins again.

– Jack is like an ogre who is like an onion. He has many layers. Last season, we saw how Jack deals with his vices. This season, we are learning how and why they came about. Jack is showing that even Super Dad is not invincible. We get a flashback as to how he tried to deal with his alcohol addiction for the first time. No more Irish Coffees at work, my good man! It turns out that Jack really didn’t beat his addiction. He just dealt with it the only way he knew how: keeping it to himself. Also, Jack should’ve been a boxer because he was murdering that heavy bag.

– Goooooooooddddddd morning, Vietnam! Jack is a liar. I totally forgot how Jack mentioned that he was a mechanic during the Vietnam War last season. However, as shown in this episode, that was not the case. It looked like he was in the heat of the battle. My guess is something tragic happened that really messed him up and was a factor into his alcoholism. Friend dying, kills someone, witnesses the horror of war, etc. I think we should be getting a Vietnam episode so I’m pumped for that.

– Toby had the line of the night when he was talking to Rebecca at the Manny taping and made a joke about falling through tables. I laughed out loud so much that my Mom wanted to know what I was watching. If anyone has the gif of Toby falling through a table, send it my way!

– I like how Toby said him and Miguel are alike. They are both the outsiders who are trying to come into The Big 5’s life. I actually hope there are some Toby and Miguel scenes in the future.

– This was a HUGE episode for Kate. She had critical scenes with Rebecca and Jack. Kate feels like a disappointment in her mother’s eyes. She believes Rebecca has always put this added pressure on her. Hence, why she didn’t sing at the talent show. The comparison to be like one’s parent is all to real. However, Kate is truly Daddy’s Little Girl and clearly Jack’s favorite. This is why Kate has taken Jack’s death so hard. Jack telling Kate about his addiction first before telling the boys just adds to the significance of Kate blaming herself for her dad’s death. I think this is a big season for teenage Kate.

– Without a doubt, the best scene of the episode was the Landslide montage. Landslide is one of the greatest songs ever. EVER. Chrissy Metz knocked it out of the goddamn park. This scene is why people have fallen in love with This Is Us.

– I think America’s new favorite couple is Beth and Randall. I said this last week. Beth and Randall continue to have some of the best scenes in the show. However, I think the Kevin and Beth interaction beat Randall and Beth. So far, we have always gotten the vibe that Beth hates Kevin, but this scene showed that they have more in common than they think. Also, this could be a case of me looking into things, but Randall first met Beth in college. In last week’s ending scene, there was a girl comforting Randall that was not named Beth. Was this Randall’s girlfriend before Beth? I think this is super significant because Jack’s death could be the reason why Randall broke up with this girl and got with Beth. Try that theory on for size.

– Speaking of Kevin, my dude had a great episode. As much as he can have a pretty boy persona, I think he’s starting to grow up before our very eyes and realize what’s important. I think America is starting to root for Kevin and Sophie even more now, which I support. My prediction is that Kevin and Sophie are going to try / talk about having children at some point, which will obviously cause a lot of drama. Don’t let me down, Kev!

– Manny say whhhhahaaaaaaattttttttttttttt!

Well that wraps up my reaction for this week. It looks like next week we’ll get more adoption drama and our first glimpse of Sylvester Stallone. Ayo, Rocky! Thanks for reading.

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