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If You Had Redskins +6.5 And Under 48.5, You Need To Leave The Country

There are bad beats, and then there are BAD BEATS. This is one of the worst backdoor covers that I can remember. 4 seconds left. Redskins on the 25 yard line, needing a touchdown. You know the laterals are coming. You just pray that someone gets tackled instead of fumbling.

Nothing ever works out the way it’s supposed to in gambling. If you had Redskins +6 or Under 48.5, you’re probably screaming at the TV to “JUST GO DOWN.” The millions of dollars that swung because a team didn’t know how to lateral properly is mind boggling. Did you hear that sound? That’s the sound of knees being broken for people who can’t pay their bookies. Yes, it’s extreme, but if you don’t think people are either leaving the country or getting seriously injured because of this beat, you’re naive.

This is a huge reason why I still haven’t fully jumped into sports gambling. Don’t get me wrong, I place bets here and there. But it’s beats like this that make me only dip a foot in the pool instead of front flipping in. You gotta love Sean McDonough with the “This might be meaningful to some.” You’ll usually get a gambling beat from Al Michaels or Brent Musburger so I’m glad McDonough is just trying to win some cash like the rest of us.

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself lose the under.” – DG

The worst beat of all time before last night remains Ohio State vs. Northwestern.

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