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Give Me Back My Sports!

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Taking knees has really pissed me off. Maybe not for the reason you think. I just want my football back. We are supposed to have our sports as an escape from reality. The toy department as Steve Somers calls it. Sunday featured great finishes, but Monday the talk shows were filled with this anthem crap. Leave that for CNN and all those news channels. My biggest argument is really WFAN. The programs discussing sports. At least that’s what they are supposed to be discussing. There was so much to talk about. Instead, hours of people talking about kneeling.

I can’t really blame the hosts. I’m sure Joe Benigno doesn’t come to work saying he is looking forward to discussing protests. Management has to have some blame. Again, I don’t think Joe can just walk in and say we are not talking about the anthem and all that stuff. Call screeners are also at fault. These delicate geniuses steer the ship. We’re talking protests. Hot topic. Stay on that. Lines are all tied up. Numerous people will keep saying the same thing. Great radio. Very interesting. Either you support the players or you’re mad at them. I want some entertaining discussions and programs. Sounds like it should provide dozens of hours. I have to blame callers, too. Don’t call. That should be the real protest here. When nobody chimes in on these topics, they will be forced to talk sports. Imagine that. Most of the people who come on in these situations are not big sports fans in my opinion. They are given a platform to spread their hateful agendas.

Of course this is just one example. Each year in March I am super excited for March Madness. You hardly get any talk about it here in New York. Especially before the tournament. Maybe some quick (and usually uninformed) bracket picks once they are revealed, but that’s about it. Now we hear about scandals, violations, and all of this controversial or illegal stuff. Let the FBI or NCAA handle that. When somebody plays a triple overtime thriller during the regular season, we’re probably not going to hear about it at all on most programs. We’re lucky to get a little bit of college hoops talk during the tournament. We hardly get any college football talk, but every program spent plenty of time on the Penn State scandal years ago. Like I really want to hear about some pervert having sex with young boys. In graphic detail on Mike’s show. He spent countless hours on this.

Another classic example was the steroid garbage. Especially when players went to Congress. That was in March. The tournament was just starting. I remember one caller talking about how he was going to set his alarm and put on coffee. So he could hear players deny that they have used steroids. Or, not answer the question. For years people talked about how Rafael Palmeiro wagged his finger at Congress. Great moment in sports history. I can recall somebody coming on with a point about the players’ appearance. I’m pretty sure this was days after it happened. The caller said it was a dog and pony show. That was the comment. Gee, thanks. Very insightful. Not to mention that the point had been made by one host after another, and callers had been coming on agreeing with this take. You can almost hear Mike Francesa telling us that a caller waited on hold for over an hour to say this. It’s depressing. I hate our society. It seemed to start or at least get worse with O.J.

Think about this. A big snowstorm hits. People are stuck inside. You’re home from work, so you’ll get to watch some television. Each channel breaks in to regular programming and explains that it is snowing. Your shows are ruined. Even if you’re not home and just recording them. Unsafe conditions outside. They will show you this by putting reporters out there! I can’t take it. There has to be a better world out there somewhere.

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