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Official DMR Picks In The NFL: Week 3 Edition

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After a solid debut from the boys in week two, DG and LTS will try to replicate their combined 7-3 showing. The NFL returns with another “classic” showdown on Thursday Night Football with the 49ers and Rams, can’t wait to watch that (sike). Sunday’s slate doesn’t feature too many premiere match ups, but with TEN road favorites we will still do our best to make you some money. Do the Giants or Jets breakthrough with their first win this week as six point underdogs?

2-0 Team That Will Miss The Playoffs –

LTS: Lions

I have a tough time trusting Detroit over the course of a 16 game season. It’s also never easy in a division with the Packers and Vikings. Zona and NYG also may not be the teams most thought they were coming into this season. I believe the Lions fade to the middle of the pack and finish with around nine wins.

DG: Broncos

Denver looked GOOD last week, spanking the Cowboys left and right. The defense is phenomenal, Thomas and Sanders are great, and (if healthy) C.J. Anderson can be a top 10 running back. This season comes down to two words: Trevor Siemian. I like the kid. Who would’ve thought that a QB from Northwestern would be starting for a team that just won the Super Bowl two years ago? Credit to him. Just not sure he can sustain it. That being said, the Chiefs and the Raiders are better in that division so I see Denver being the odd team out and falling back to the pack.

0-2 Team That Rights The Ship –

LTS: Chargers

I was driving the Los Angeles Charger hype train this off-season, but that is off to a rocky start through two weeks. Of course it’s been in typical Charger fashion as well, both losses came down to their Korean kicker, Younghoe Koo, who is 1/4 to begin his career. I’m hoping LA can pull some of these close games out going forward and get back into contention within the best division in football.

DG: Giants

I’m morally obligated to say this. Just figure it out Giants and we’ll go 10-6.

LordTreeSap – Overall (through 1 week): 4-1, Lock 1-0

Giants (+6) @ Eagles

The Giants come into this game with their season on the line. I like to put my money on teams with a sense of urgency and that’s what we have here. For my gambling folks, I would feel a lot more comfortable with the Giants in a teaser, but I expect this game to be a close one none the less. Take the points and see if the G-Men can save their season.

Ravens (-4) @ Jaguars (London)

London’s team travels across the pond to host the Ravens this week. Blake Bortles looked absolutely brutal in Tennessee and I believe that Baltimore’s defense, who already has an NFL best 10 turnovers, will create a few more on the road to victory. This will be a low scoring contest, but I trust the Ravens to stay undefeated.

Dolphins (-6) @ Jets

The Jets have shown no form of life through the first two weeks, maybe coming home injects a little life into the team with a rivalry game on the horizon in their home opener. I’m going to keep picking against the Jets until they at least cover a spread. 6 points isn’t too much to lay for the Fins, who pulled out a nice win on the west coast against the Chargers to begin their season.

Raiders (-3) @ Redskins

I feel very weird about not having a home team as one of my picks, but that’s the type of week it looks to be with ten road favorites, where in Week 1 we were laying the points with home teams. The Raiders are definitely a legit force in the AFC and I’m still skeptical of the Redskins on both sides of the ball. In a match up you don’t see very often, I believe Oakland gets it done on the road Sunday night.

Lock: Cowboys (-3) @ Cardinals

This almost looks too easy. After an ugly showing in Denver where the ‘Boys were exposed, I expect a huge bounce back game on Monday night. It helps that the Cardinals are also a bad football team and were lucky enough to pull out a comeback victory against the pathetic Indianapolis Colts. Look for Zeke to get back on track in a convincing win for Dallas in the desert.

DG – Overall (through 1 week): 3-2, Lock 1-0

Falcons (-3) @ Lions

I’m super high on the Falcons. They are my Super Bowl pick to win it all. When this offense is clicking, the only team that can beat them is themselves (sore subject). I’m still not buying the Lions hype. Stafford is a gunslinger so he’ll have to put up a lot of points in this shootout. Matty Ice and the boys get it done.

Broncos @ Bills (+3)

I’m a big home underdog guy. LTS was worried about picking all road teams to win. I totally believe you can’t pick all 5 winners on the road. Can’t happen and won’t happen. Buffalo, NY and Bills Mafia will come to play. This will be a tough test for Trevor Siemian on the road and I think the Bills will force some turnovers early. I get that Denver’s defense is tough and all Buffalo can do is run the ball. However, the Bills are a different team at home. Look for a huge game from TyGOD Taylor as the Bills upset the Broncos.

Bengals @ Packers (-9)

Cincy is in serious, serious trouble. They are one bad game away from benching Dalton. The Packers are pissed off after being embarrassed against the Falcons. I’ll take Rodgers at home any day of the week even with Jordy in a limited role. I smell a blow out.

Browns @ Colts (+1.5)

It’s amazing that the Colts cannot function without Andrew Luck. I mean they are a home underdog to the Cleveland Browns……………… I don’t even know why I’m picking this game, but no team besides maybe the Jets are going 0-16. Jakey Brissett didn’t look too bad last against a solid Cardinals defense. The Browns are still a year away from competing to go 7-9 so I’m taking the Colts at home behind a breakout game from TY Hilton.

Lock: Raiders (-3) @ Redskins

THEEEEEEEEE RAIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRRSSSSSSS. There’s never a week where I don’t bet on the Raiders. I’m like 75% in the green when picking the Raiders (absolutely no stats to back that up). Yes, they played the Jets last week, but good luck stopping that offense, Redskins. I actually think Captain Kirk will play well at home and I expect this to be a high scoring affair. However, the Raiders have too much talent and are clicking on all cylinders. Dance Beast Mode Dance.

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