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Giants Week 2 Review: Allergic To Offense

Well, I for sure did not envision an 0-2 start. I don’t even know where to begin honestly. 24-10 loss. I think Murphy’s Law best describes the Giants disastrous start: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Has there even been a bright spot? It’s really hard to pick one out honestly. The defense is on the field too long, the offense is allergic to playing offense, special teams gave up a punt return TD last night. I haven’t hit the panic button yet, even though I’m super close to flipping up the glass case and hitting the red button.

Here are my thoughts from the game

– I have to start with the offensive line, or lack there of. Richburg and Pugh are solid, but the rest is a crapshoot. I almost feel bad picking on Ereck Flowers at this point. It’s just kicking a man when he’s down. I think he even knows at this point he can’t play tackle. His counterpart, Big Bob Hart, got hurt on the 2nd play of the game so that didn’t help. I don’t know what the Gmen can do at this point. Eli was sacked 5 times and under pressure constantly. Eli is not Russell Wilson. He needs time and simply put, he’s not getting any.

– Back to Eli. When he does have time, he seems to be holding onto the ball too long, waiting for big routes to develop. At this point in time, we can’t do that with the personnel on the field. Eli has not looked good. Our offense is all based on rhythm and timing. Short drives, turnovers, and sacks are damaging this offense. A lot of this has to fall on Eli’s shoulders and the future Hall of Famer knows that.

– I don’t want to talk about the running game.


– Time to talk about Benny Big Balls aka Benny Mcadoobie aka Ben McAdoo. A lot of the blame has to fall on his shoulders. Why did we not use our timeouts at the end of the first half to try and get the ball back with some time? Why do we continue to run draws on second down for 1 yard? Why can’t our offense get in sync? A lot of this is coaching which takes us to the 4th and goal call. Both Ben and Eli are to blame. If we’re going for it, fine. But get a play in on time. Eli got the play with about 18 seconds left on play clock. You know he’s going to audible at the line. If you knew we were going for it right away, why are we dicking around for over 20 seconds? Make a call and stick with it. Don’t just say it’s “sloppy quarterback play.” That’s a bad look. Yes, Eli has played sloppy, but to call him out in front of the media? It’s definitely not the route I would go and I think callers on WFAN and ESPN are going to kill Benny Mac on the phone lines today.

– Nice to have Odell back even if he’s not 100%.

– When did Stafford become Mike Vick?

– I kept asking myself if the team knew we had Brandon Marshall and after I said that, he dropped a critical pass that would’ve been a 30 yard gain with momentum on our side. That’s on me. Instead, it lead to a punt and then…yeah I’m not talking about the punt return.

– I like what I’ve seen out of Evan Engram. He is a good pass catcher that will only get better as he gets more reps. Crotch grab though on a TD – bold move, Cotton.

– Lions turnover to Eli interception was the turning point of the game. Eli throws that ball on the money to Engram and it’s a first down and our offense is cooking.

– We need Janoris Jenkins healthy in order to run our defense. Eli Apple is not a #1 cornerback right now and last night, he was exposed on multiple plays.

– Once again, I don’t want to make excuses for the defense, but they didn’t play that badly. They forced turnovers, made the Lions punt in big situations, and kept them close the whole game. I think the offense letting them down and keeping the D on the field has a lot to do with them giving up points. If this offense can score, that’s when our defense feasts.

– There’s this stat going around.

Final Thoughts 

Time to look up “how many 0-2 teams have made the playoffs?”

The season is not over, but next week is a must-win in Philly and I hate using that term in Week 3. People were saying how the Giants could win the division and I was one of them. Win the division? I just want to be winning after a quarter. Eli and Ben, kiss and make up because we need you two to be on the same page again.

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