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Official DMR NFL Picks: Week 2 Edition

The NFL is back for week two, as the focus shifts to Sunday as we all try to forget the inept display of Thursday Night Football between the Texans and Bengals. DG and LTS return to help make you money and hold a little healthy competition as to who is the true gambling savant here at the DailyMixReport. Each week the guys will take a total of five games, with one being the featured lock of the week.

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LTS: 0-0

Lock of The Week: Patriots (-6) @ Saints

I can’t see the Pats falling to 0-2 and also the fact they had an extra FOUR days to prepare for this match up in New Orleans gives Belicheat and Brady a competitive advantage. The Saints defense was shredded by Sam Bradford, a bad sign of things to come Sunday. I will lay the six.

Titans (-1) @ Jaguars

I was on the Titans coming into the season, so I feel like I have no choice to take them here. I’m not going to overreact to the Titans loss nor the Jaguars convincing defeat of the Texans. Give me Tennessee to win outright, I believe the Mariota and the receiving weapons prove to be the difference.

Jets @ Raiders (-13)

As a Jets fan it’s tough to pick against my own team, but being objective it’s tough to see them keep this within two TDs. NYJ was fortunate to be within nine in week one, as the Bills did everything they could to keep the Jets in it. This week will be a much different story in the black hole, as the crowd will be amped up for Beast Mode’s debut. This has 38-13 written all over it.


Packers @ Falcons – Over 54.5

The 2016 NFC title game featured 65 points between the two and I expect more of the same as the Falcons open up their new state-of-the-art arena on Sunday night. Another high-scoring affair is on the horizon as two of the best offenses in the league do battle.

Lions @ Giants (-3) Assuming Odell Is Active

With OBJ practicing I’m going to assume he will be out there Monday night, as the diva wideout will milk this injury to the last minute. The Giants are a far better team than they showed in week one and I expect a different type of urgency to be exuded against a Lions team who was 3-5 on the road in 2016. The G-Men cannot afford to fall to 0-2 with a trips to Philly and Tampa looming in weeks three and four. Giants 24-17.

DG: 0-0

Patriots @ Saints (+6)

Offense, offense, offense! I would NOT want to be the Saints D right now because Pissed off Tommy Brady is an absolute psycho. He always goes off. That being said, on Mike and Mike, I heard on Straight Talk presented by Straight Talk Wireless that Drew Brees has been an underdog at home 11 times and has gone 9-2 (I pray my memory is right). Anyway, that’s wayyyyyyy too many points for the Saints in the Dome, no less. Saints cover

Cowboys @ Broncos (+2.5)

Home underdogs = LOVE. Cowboys are riding high and mighty off of dominating the essential winners of the NFC East, New York Giants. With Zeke still in the lineup, this offense is deadly. However, Broncos D at home is a nightmare. The Cowboys O-line vs the Broncos D-line will be the matchup to watch. I think Trevor Siemian’s flu will infect the Cowboys and come out with the W.

Titans (-1) @ Jaguars

The Jags at back! Good for the Jags, last week. I’m a Blake Bortles defender (Top 9 fantasy QB last 2 seasons) and he looked like a great game manager in week one. Fournette is going to wreak havoc on defenses for years. This team has a Tom Coughlin stamp on it. However, the Titans were my pick to win the division. Plus, they’re coming off a loss vs a good Raiders team. Marcus will come out firing and light up the scoreboard. Titans triumph.newton-58d7b4cff716083f3272b103-g.gif
Dolphins @ Chargers (-3.5)

Smoking Jay and the Fins finally open the season. I think Cutler is going to have a solid year for a last minute replacement. 18TDs and 7 INT. Book it. This is a weird reason to pick the Chargers, but I’m just picking them because this is there Week 2 and the Fins Week 1. Philly Rivers got the kinks out and will finally not have to run around in his own territory, down 2 TDs in the fourth quarter with 3 minutes to play. Chargers win behind a big game from Keenan Allen.

Lock of The Week: Jets @ THE RAIDERS (-13)

THEEEEEEEEEEEEEE RAIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDEEEERRRRSSSSSS. My favorite team to pick by far. I hate double digit spreads, but the Jets are in a world of trouble. They always get killed by Oakland on the west coast (haven’t won in Oakland since the famous Mark Sanchez hot-dog game). The Jets are trying to go 0-16 and the Raiders are my pick to go to the AFC title game. Prayer group is in session, as Father Derek Carr beats the sinful Jets by at least three scores.



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