Giants Week 1 Review: That Was A Preseason Game, Right?

So uhhhh yeahhhh last night’s game sucked. 19-3 on opening night is actually not a good way to start a season. No other way to put it. I had high hopes for the game up until Odell Beckham Jr. was ruled inactive. My confidence went from “we’re going to dominate this game” to “it would be nice to steal this win without our best player.” It’s now safe to assume that my mindset was totally off and it should’ve been “we are going to embarrass ourselves on national TV.” Last night was embarrassing. After a playoff exit last year, I thought we would come out firing on all cylinders but that was not the case. We forgot how to play offense for the whole game besides the opening drive of the 2nd half. I’ll get into it in a bit, but our defense looked great.

Here are my thoughts from the game

– Did the Giants play offense last night?

– Obviously, Odell Beckham Jr. not playing last night was a major, major loss. I didn’t think we would play that poorly without him. Take away your star player who the offense revolves around and every team will struggle. I don’t care what team you are. When he gets back, this team will remember how to play offense.

– Business talk: Last night just gave OBJ a SHIT TON of leverage in terms of contract talks. He could hold out now and the Gmen would be forced to pay him. He’s that valuable and last night proved it. He won’t get QB money, but he will 100% be the highest paid receiver going into next season.

– Does Eli know we signed Brandon Marshall last night? I’m still waiting for him to catch a ball with more than 1 minute left on the clock in a meaningless game.

– The people who make the “Giants and Jets scored less than the Yankees yesterday” jokes probably still make Harlem Shake videos.

– Our line is not good. I’m sorry, I’ll fix that. Our line was awful last night. Granted, we ran 18 plays as an offense in the first half last night so it’s not just their fault, but Eli was getting CRUSHED during those 18 plays. Eli is not Mike Vick. He does not use his legs often. He’s all about getting the ball and quick and timing routes. If we can’t give him enough time to quickly get rid of the ball in a West Coast offense, we are in trouble. Center and guards are ok, but I have a bad feeling that the right and left tackles will once again be a revolving door. Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart did not look good by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe a Week 1 Butt Whooping is exactly what they needed to be put into check in order to come out firing next week.

-We still can’t run the ball. Perkins and Darkwa combined for 30 yards total. I think Zeke Elliot can get that with his eyes closed. Granted, Zeke has the best offensive line in the game. People are not sold on Perkins, but I think that’s a bit premature. He definitely has talent. We just need to give him opportunities to shine. However, Darkwa had a nice first down run last night and every Giants fan will know what run I’m talking about because it was our only running highlight. Darkwa needs more carries.

– If there is one thing we learned last night, our defense is very, very, very good. The game should’ve been 35-0. The Cowboys were dominating us from the very beginning. Our offense had the ball for just over 9 minutes in the first half. NINE MINUTES. The defense were on the field for an eternity and they only gave up 1 TD to one of the most efficient offenses in the game. Snacks was dominant. Vernon and JPP had nice games. Jackrabbit and Collins flew all over the place in the secondary. I still have questions about our linebackers, but at least they play hard. We have a Top 5 defense, but if we can’t get off the field, they will break eventually.

– Eli had a bad game. I am biased so the sky is not falling for me. Eli is Eli. You take the good with the bad. He is still our QB and he can still produce. He just didn’t play well last night.

Final Thoughts 

Let’s throw this game out of our minds. That was the first time since the Packers game that all of the starters played 4 quarters in a game. This team is still good and should go to the playoffs. If we beat the Lions on Monday night, everything goes back to normal. Don’t panic…yet.

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