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The Official 2017 DMR NFL Season Preview


That’s right people, it’s that time of the year again. Football returns in 2017 as the Patriots host the Chiefs Thursday night and begin their quest for back to back titles and sixth ring in the Brady/Belichick era. It’s always sad when summer comes to an end, but football is always there for us fans in the fall, as we spend our Sundays not moving for over 10 hours straight. To get you ready for the 2017 campaign, the DMR is here with predictions on who will win MVP and raise the Lombardi Trophy come February 2018 in Minnesota.

Team To Take a Step Up

DG: Raiders

I know what you’re thinking. 12-4? How can they go farther up? This is more of a “When Carr is healthy” thing that I’m saying in reference to the playoffs. Oakland got screwed last year, plain and simple. Lose your stud QB and you’re irrelevant. Carr is a stud and should be a force in the league for the next couple of years. Add Beast Mode and they are on a collision course with the Pats for the AFC Title game. I think it’s AFC title game or bust for the silver and black.

LTS: Chargers

Coming off a 5-11 campaign where the now Los Angeles Chargers dropped 7 games decided by 7 points or less. This team was in every match up for the most part and now has the roster to compete in a loaded AFC West. This is by far the most talent surrounding Philip Rivers on offense and an improving defense with DPOY candidate Joey Bosa. I’m interested to see how teams react to playing in the cozy StubHub Center.


Team To Take A Step Back

DG: Cowboys

Most people are going to say this is the Falcons because of a Super Bowl hangover. I don’t take the easy way out though in predictions. I go with the 2nd easiest way out and I’ll say the Cowboys. If Zeke has to sit 6 games, I don’t think they’re screwed because that line is amazing, but they’re definitely not in good shape. That means that Dak has to step up again and throw the ball more. I think Dak is good, but now defenses have a year of tape on him. The Cowboys control the clock and give Dak easy throws to make on 3rd down. I’m pretty sure he was the worst 3rd and long QB statistically last year. Though I think Dak will take a step up eventually, it will be in Year 3, not Year 2.

LTS: Dolphins

The Fins lucked into 10 wins last season with a very favorable schedule. Miami was a -17 in point differential and somehow managed 10 wins, the definition of pretenders. This season I believe they show their true colors and there’s no better quarterback for this than Jay Cutler. A ticking time bomb to blowing up the 2017 season. Things already are off to a rocky start with weeks one’s postponed match up with the Buccaneers, meaning the Dolphins will play 16 straight weeks.


Dark Horse

DG: Ravens

The sexiest dark horse playoff picks this year are the Titans and the Bucs. Actually, they may be obvious playoff picks. I’ve never seen so much hype for two QBs to make the next step with Mariota and Winston. That being said, I’m going with Cool Joe Flacco and the Ravens to sneak into the playoffs. They’re really the only team to give the Pats trouble in the playoffs in recent memory. I love the addition of Danny Woodhead and Mike Wallace is a fantasy sleeper this year. If they can get some production in the running game and control the ball, there is no doubt they can win 9-10 games.

LTS: Panthers

tenor (3).gif

Carolina fell victim to the classic Super Bowl hangover theory, as they followed a 15 win 2015 season with just 6 wins in 2016 as disaster struck for the Panthers. I think they’re a good candidate for a bounce back, but Luke Kuechly NEEDS to stay healthy for 16 games or that defense will fall apart, he is the heart and soul of that team. Ron Rivera should look to keep Cam Newton more up right this season and avoid big hits running the ball, so he’s healthier late in the year.

** I was going to go with the Bucs or Titans and DG stole my thunder trying to make it look like an obvious pick.**



MVP: Tom Brady
OPOY: David Johnson
DPOY: Von Miller
O-Rookie: OJ Howard
D-Rookie: TJ Watt
Comeback: Big Brother JJ Watt
Coach: Mike Mularkey


MVP: Aaron Rodgers

OPOY: LeVeon Bell

DPOY: Joey Bosa

O-Rookie: Dalvin Cook

D-Rookie: Myles Garrett

Comeback: Uhh Hey J.J. Watt

Coach: Anthony Lynn



  1. Pats (East)
  2. Raiders (West)
  3. Titans (South)
  4. Steelers (North)
  5. Chiefs (WC)
  6. Ravens (WC)

Wildcard Round:
Ravens over Titans
Steelers over Chiefs

Divisional Round:
Pats over Ravens
Raiders over Steelers

Conference Title:
Pats over Raiders


  1. Patriots (East)
  2. Steelers (North)
  3. Raiders (West)
  4. Titans (South)
  5. Chargers (WC)
  6. Texans (WC)

Wildcard Round:

Raiders over Texans

Chargers over Titans

Divisional Round:

Patriots over Chargers

Steelers over Raiders

Conference Title:

Patriots over Steelers



  1. Falcons (South)
  2. Packers (North)
  3. Seahawks (West)
  4. Giants (East)
  5. Redskins (East)
  6. Panthers (South)

Wildcard Round:
Seahawks over Panthers
Giants over Redskins

Divisional Round:
Falcons over Giants
Seahawks over Packers

Conference Title:
Falcons over Seahawks


  1. Packers (North)
  2. Seahawks (West)
  3. Giants (East)
  4. Falcons (South)
  5. Panthers (WC)
  6. Buccaneers (WC)

Wildcard Round:

Giants over Buccaneers

Panthers over Falcons

Divisional Round:

Packers over Panthers

Seahawks over Giants

Conference Title:

Packers over Seahawks

Super Bowl LII 

DG: Falcons over Patriots – They learn their lesson and run the ball!!!!

LTS: Packers over Patriots

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