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Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks: Jabari Parker’s Name Has Been Thrown Into The Ring

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Ian Begley of ESPN – ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported last month that Houston was looking for a third team to make a trade work. The Milwaukee Bucks emerged as a potential third team at one point, per league sources, but there was no traction toward a deal. Milwaukee has been trying to shed salary so, in all likelihood, the idea of taking back the remaining money on Ryan Anderson’s contract (three years, $60 million) in a trade wasn’t enticing.

One name that came up in those (very) preliminary talks? Bucks forward Jabari Parker, per league sources.

It’s unclear which side — the Knicks or Bucks — brought up Parker’s name. What is clear is that Parker would have been part of an outgoing package that included a larger Bucks contract, such as John Henson’s or Greg Monroe’s. If that deal had come to fruition, the Knicks would have received the type of return they’d long hoped for in an Anthony trade: a young player on a below-market contract in Parker.

It seems like everyone in the league is getting traded besides the one man whose name has been in trade talks the longest, Carmelo Anthony. Will a deal be done? Is a deal even possible? Will Melo be able to wear a hoodie during games? All of these questions and more have been running through Knicks fans heads the last couple of months.

The latest wrinkle that has been thrown around is Jabari Parker. The man with nothing left in his knees. This kid has just had some bad luck over the years. I’m a Duke guy so I actually saw Parker play at the Garden a few years ago. The man has talent. He’s 6’8 but moves like a 2 guard with the quick first step of a PG. I like his game a lot and I’m not even being a homer about it. Guys between 6’6-6’10 who can play and guard multiple positions is why the Cavs and Warriors continue to win the championships. Plus, he’s only 22.

According to Begley, the rumored trade would be as follows:

I don’t think it would be that simple. If the Bucks are taking on a huge Ryan Anderson contract, they’ll probably have to move a big contract somewhere else not named the Knicks (Thanks, Noah). If I’m breaking this down as an honest Knicks fan, this is actually a pretty solid deal. I thought we were going to trade Melo for a bag of nickels and expired coupons so to get a 22 year old in return is best case scenario. A low risk, high reward guy because of the favorable contract and potential.

Now, this is all preliminary talks. It looks like the Knicks are nowhere close with moving Melo. With training camps opening up soon, I expect talks to intensify and if a deal doesn’t happen by the start of the season, his name will be brought up again at the trade deadline. My stance on Melo has not changed even with Phil out of the picture. He’s a very talented player who is still a Top 5 scorer in the league. I thank him for his time in New York and for taking on the challenge of trying to bring the Knicks back to relevancy. But, he’s not in the future plans of the organization and frankly, he shouldn’t want to be. Go get buckets on a contender and play late into the playoffs. You deserve to give it a go for a chance at a ring.

That being said, if Melo can wear a hoodie during games, KEEP HIM!

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