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You Be The Judge, My Verdict Was In A Month Ago

Weeks ago I wrote a controversial and negative piece about Aaron Judge. Since then he has been absolutely dreadful. Overall stats. In the clutch. You name it. I’m still waiting for people to apologize or congratulate me for being right about this guy before everybody else. It’s easy to knock him when he has a horrendous slump and everybody knows how terrible he has been.

Tuesday the nonsense reached a new low. Judge picked up an RBI when one of his typically meaningless hits extended the lead from 8-1 to 9-1. Joe Girardi then removed him to snap his consecutive games streak with a strikeout. It had reached 37 games, which is a new record. Girardi hid behind the excuse that he just wanted to get Judge some rest, but we know the truth. Joe didn’t trust Judge to go an entire game without whiffing, and for good reason. It had not happened in many weeks. The guy couldn’t snap this streak on his own, so Girardi did it for him. Meanwhile, Gary Sanchez has been a much better player in recent weeks. At this rate he’ll end up having a better overall season.

People raved about Judge’s patience and eye. Tough to say that about a guy setting strikeout records. There were myths about how he had not been getting anything to hit. If that’s the case, he should walk every single time. At least announcers like Paul O’Neill have been honest and stated that Judge was simply missing good pitches to hit. Oh, I almost forgot. He dropped a fly ball against the Mets when it was 7-0. This cost Severino, and nearly the Yankees. They almost blew that game and needed to use key relief pitchers. The Yanks barely held on for a 7-5 victory.

At first the strikeout streak was separated into two categories. Judge had passed all regular players. The streak was already kind of his due to an asterisk. Only pitchers were ahead of him on the list. It didn’t matter. Judge continued to go down swinging (or looking) and eventually had the entire record all to himself. If Judge plays in each of the final games this season he’ll be able to break his own record for consecutive games with a strikeout. Of course Girardi will not let him. Again, rest will be the given reason. Not that I’ll believe it. However, the real reason might be different this time around. It might just be for the good of their team.

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