Finally, We Get Our First Look At This Is Us Season 2

FINALLY, we have our first look into Season 2 of This Is Us. It’s a scene between Randall and Rebecca talking about adoption. When we last left our heroes, Randall told Beth that he wants to adopt a child, just like Rebecca and Jack adopted him. Randall shares with Rebecca that Beth is struggling to come to terms with the adoption and asks for advice of how she and Jack came to adopt him. We obviously know that Rebecca had a hard time accepting Randall, but she never truly told him that. Rebecca says that despite saying no at first, All-Star Man and First Ballot Selection In The Dad Hall Of Fame Jack was the one to convince her to adopt Randall.

Obviously, this scene is waterworks central for all the cryers out there. It will be great when we finally see it live, but to be honest, I’m disappointed in this first-look. No offense to this scene, I want a full trailer. I don’t want just one scene. I’m greedy. I need to know how my boy Kevin is doing in the Ron Howard movie and if he’s coming back for Sophie. How is Jack dealing with moving out of the house? Is Kate the next Adele? Is Toby still wearing ridiculous fedoras? These are the questions that I need answer.

I trust This Is Us because they always deliver, but they are a bigger tease than your high school crush. But no matter what, I keep coming back and I keep wanting more. You win again, This Is Us.


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