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Winners And Losers Of The Kyrie Irving To Boston Trade

Here we are the day after the eclipse and the NBA drops its biggest bomb of the summer on August 22nd.  I didn’t think the Cavs would get a good enough offer to dump their 25-year-old star and I damn sure didn’t think they would do it with the team closest to dethroning them in the East. This has to be the first time two powerhouses in the same conference swap franchise cornerstones. A rare NBA blockbuster that makes sense for both teams.


The Cavaliers got quite the haul for Kyrie, which satisfies both the now with Thomas and Crowder as well as the future with the 2018 Nets pick. Bravo Koby Altman. Cleveland can still compete for a title this year but also reload next season with a new cornerstone in case the LeBron era in fact is over. Jae Crowder will be needed in a potential rematch with the Warriors as he can fill the void of the two-way player the Cavs desperately needed behind LeBron. Look for Wade to join his buddy LBJ when he eventually gets bought out by Chicago.

One clap for Kyrie Irving as he is clearly a winner in the Irving-Cavs stand-off. If Kyrie demands a trade right after the NBA Finals loss he is most likely shipped off to the Clippers for Chris Paul. Now, he gets his chance to lead his own talented team that may have the brightest future in the East, while still being able to compete to win a championship now.

Danny Ainge finally did it people. He actually made a trade putting those assets to use for a superstar. I had doubts about the team he was putting together giving huge deals to Horford last season and Hayward this year, but now it may all be worth it, as he teams Hayward with Kyrie Irving. Many felt this off-season it would be a failure if he did not land two stars like he ends up doing.


Isaiah Thomas: IT became a beloved figure in Boston over these last couple seasons, as Bill Simmons said he might even be on the level of a David Ortiz type of athlete presence in the city.  He still is in a great spot basketball wise with Cleveland, but I’m assuming they are a lot less likely to give him the $200 million max contract than Boston, so monetarily we will chalk this up as a loss on Thomas’ future pockets.

What an off-season, I can’t wait for this all to get going in the fall. The best part, Boston opens up the season October 17th in Cleveland on national television. Let the pettiness begin.

P.S. good luck Mr. Windhorst.

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