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In Honor Of SuperBad Turning 10, My Top 5 Scenes


Happy 10th birthday, Superbad!

Superbad will always hold a special place in my heart. It is my favorite comedy of all time. It’s the perfect mix of awkward humor and coming of age story. Besides being hilarious, this movie is so relatable. That summer after high school is when everyone has their panic moment. Will you stay friends with your boys from high school? What do you do if you’re going far away from home? The mindset is to try and enjoy the remaining high school parties you have left before you move on to college.

Ok, enough about my sob story. This movie is hilarious. Ouote after Quote. One Liner after One Liner. I could do a Top 10 quotes from this movie, but I’m going to do my personal Top 5 scenes. Everyone’s are going to be different, but they’re all funny so to steal a page out of the Participation Trophy Era, we’re all winners.

5. Booze And Girls Equals I Don’t Know, Do You?

Joe Lo Truglio is a sneaky funny character in Superbad. You guys got Myspace? I lose my shit every time when he gives Seth $7. “This isn’t enough for anything, what are you a 6 year old?” Everyone knows this guy. This dude who thinks he has a lot of friends and goes to parties just because he’s either a relative or family friend of the host even though NO ONE wants him there. Go to your local bar on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll probably find this guy hitting on 21 year olds.

4. Cooking Class

Oh like CUMMING CUMMING. First of all, shout out to Emma Stone. I love you. You’re an angel, but there’s no way you’re getting with Seth in real life. That’s movie magic for you. You also have Fogel give the famous “It’s 10:33 line.” However, the man who steals this scene is my dude Miroki. Good shit, right Miroki? Just a happy go lucky Miroki. Not a care in the world. All he wants to do is eat some Tiramisu and act like a cat. God bless, Miroki.

3. Kyle’s Killer Lemonade

Well Jules, funny thing about my back is it’s located on my cock! This scene is so high for me because of one drink: Kyle’s Killer Lemonade. Whenever someone pulls out the Mike’s Hard or the Smirnoff Ices, there’s always someone who will joke and mention “Kyle’s Killer Lemonade.” Kind’ve gay, but I can get it for you.

2. These Eyes, Are Crying

Ayyy you’re Jimmy’s brother, the guy, THE SINGER! A favorite quote of mine. You drop “Jimm’ys Brother, the singer” to anyone from ages 18-30, they’re going to know you’re talking about Superbad. The whole group of coke heads and pot heads thinking they’re in an acapella group with the “ba da da das” in the background. Just perfect Michael Cera awkward humor. The ones that make you cringe but it’s so funny to watch. THESE EYEEEEESSSSSS ARE CRYING

1. Seth Buys Vodka

My favorite scene in the whole movie. Seth buying vodka to impress Jules and prove he is cool. People will forget about the first part of the scene with the cashier who turns the money into an $80 bill. “I’m 22.” “You certainly are!” However, it’s the grandma that will put me on the floor, laughing my ass off. It’s my favorite line in the whole movie and puts Superbad as my favorite comedy.

“Enjoy your remaining years.”

“I will. Enjoy fucking Jules.”


Honorable Mention

People Don’t Forget

Muhammad is the most commonly used name on Earth. Read a fucking book for once!

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