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Rain, Rain, Go Away. Sincerely, All Baseball Fans.


Often I will write about how things were when I was growing up. There is a good reason. They were better then. We used to play ball at the local field or playground. When a storm came, we stopped. It was pretty simple. Until then, play ball! For the most part it was pretty much the same with professional teams, too. Unfortunately, MLB teams don’t do this today. There are a number of examples. One is the first Yankee game I went to at the new stadium in 2009. There was a delay at the start. It held up play for 40-45 minutes. No rain fell. I guess teams really want to protect starters so they can give a solid 4 2/3 innings or 95 pitches in today’s baseball.

The advanced weather projections or whatever they are called have not exactly been 100 percent accurate. Weathermen do not have a great reputation. There are times when different parts of Yonkers or locations that do not seem very far away are not experiencing the same weather. Certainly not at the same time. Predicting what will happen in terms of rain and storms (plus when) is what I would call an inexact science. Earlier this season a Nationals game was held up for about three hours. It did not rain at all for the first hour or so. Eventually a light mist started to fall, but the conditions were still playable.


Recently the Yankees were scheduled to play an afternoon game at home against Detroit. That morning John Sterling came on WFAN. The Yankees often play night games for television when otherwise they would normally play an afternoon contest. Usually Sundays on ESPN. Players and broadcasters arrive in the next city overnight. John was excited to finish up early and get to Cleveland for dinner at a reasonable time. The game started about 90 minutes late. There was rain nearby. Not at Yankee Stadium. Later the game was nearing completion but stopped for a delay of over three hours.

Play resumed after 8, and ended a short time later. The Yankees could have been in Cleveland already instead of still on the field had they started at 1:05. They waited for a storm that did eventually arrive, but hours later. Play the games. When they are supposed to start. If rain forces a delay, fine. Just don’t sit around like morons when the conditions are fine. I want John to enjoy his dinner.

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