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Big Baller Brand Strikes Again: Over 70K Viewers For LaMelo Ball vs. Zion Williamson


Big Baller Brand. Big Ballers Do Big Baller Things. As a Big Baller, I’m glad to see that my employer continues take over the nation. Last night, LaVar’s Big Baller Squad, which features his youngest song, LaMelo, took on top recruit Zion Williamson and SC Supreme in the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships in Las Vegas, NV.

Before we get into the game, remember the name Zion Williamson. He is an absolute beast. He’s 6’7, 230. That’s a LeBron type body. Explosive, Quick on his feet for a big guy. Plays WELL ABOVE the rim. He’s currently the #2 prospect in the ESPN Top 100 for the Class of 2018. Every major D1 college wants this kid. He’s also a YouTube legend.

Back to last night. If you still don’t think the LaVar Ball effect is real, you are nuts. This man is pure electricity and draws a crowd everywhere he goes. You either love him or hate him, but you will talk about him. That’s for damn sure. I mean look at this crowd. People had to stand 6 or 7 rows back in a small gym for an AAU game. This was a LeBron in high school type of crowd, which was thought to be once in a generation.

Even LeBron wanted to see the Big Baller Brand up close.

That’s what I like to call BALL CONTROL. I mean come on, how can you not like this man’s confidence?

On to the actual game, which was actually very entertaining.

LaMelo Ball…No Conscience.

Zion…Really good!

Zion did Zion things. No surprise if you have heard his name before. That being said, with all the attention LaVar draws to his family, people tend to forget that LaMelo can actually play ball *smirks*. Yes, he shoots close to 100 shots per game, but the kid can play. He’s also 15 years old so once he comes into his body more, he’ll be ready to lead UCLA in 2019.

Big Baller Brand continues to run the world. Stop hating it and just accept it.

Big Baller DG out.

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