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The Knicks And Phil Jackson Are Parting Ways

I wonder how Knicks fans feel about this news…


The Phil Jackson era has ended. “Time of Your Life” by Green Day will not be playing in the background. Fans will not weep as Phil shuts the door on his management days with the Knicks. This was an experiment and it failed (besides KP). I said it was Phil’s Last Stand the other week. The nightmare is over.

I’ll be honest. I wanted this to happen, but I did not see this coming. It sounded like James Dolan was just going to let Phil do what he wants for the remainder of the contract and let him walk into the sunset in two more years. That’s what I thought was going to happen. I did not see a firing coming on June 28th, but this is the Knicks we are talking about. When do we ever do normal things? I never thought I would say this but kudos to Jimmy D on this move.

The last couple of months since the season ended have been nothing short of hell. Phil went full heel and played the super villain. He publicly called out Carmelo even though Phil rarely speaks to the media. Phil held a grudge against Porzingis for skipping an exit meeting and yet he let Derrick Rose walk right back to the team after skipping A GAME. Phil put Zinger on the trading block. Phil wanted to dump Noah’s contract when Noah should’ve never been signed. Phil alienated himself from his star players. Besides drafting Porzingis, what did this man really do for this team besides hurt it? Publicly calling out your two best players is not a way to attract free agents. Phil always had one foot out the door when building this team. His head was not fully in it and it clearly showed with the way he handled the team.

Firing Phil was the right thing to do. The Knicks were on a one-way flight to the dumpster with the way Phil ran the team. However, do NOT feel bad for this man.

With Phil gone, a huge burden has been lifted off of the Knicks shoulders. But, it’s important to remember the facts of the matter.

This was a bad team last year. Phil Jackson wasn’t the only issue. The team did not gel. Injuries hampered a lot of momentum. The Knicks lost about 2 million games by 1 point. Our point guard missed a game and didn’t tell anyone. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies now that Phil left. There is still a lot of work left to do.

That being said, THE TRIANGLE OFFENSE IS DEAD!!!!!!! We can finally give Jeff Hornacek a fair shot at coaching. Hopefully, KP gets to play the hybrid 5 position. We have a rookie PG that can have a promising future. We have some cap room to sign some guys this offseason. I’m still not sure if Melo is the right fit for this team and is probably better off with a contender, but if he stays, he will find success if he can play the 4. I’m calling up David Griffin if I’m Dolan, but reports say he wants Masai Ujiri, which I’d be fine with.

The Knicks are not in the clear, but this is a step in the right direction.

That is, until this man makes his way back to power.

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