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LaVar Ball And Big Baller Brand Stole The Show On WWE RAW

A match-made in heaven. Ever since I heard LaVar Ball speak, I knew he was destined for WWE. The way he could cut promo after promo after promo and still bring something new to the table every night was downright impressive. There was no way Vince McMahon was not going to capitalize on this especially in Los Angeles.

The sprint to the ring had me in a belly laugh. The total showman. Even when he couldn’t properly slide under the ropes, this guy always knows the camera is on him so he had to strike a pose.

Just let this sink in. Lonzo Ball’s debut as a Laker was in the WWE, not on the basketball court. That’s just what Big Baller’s Do. That’s Vince for you. The man knows how to promote and steal headlines.

In terms of the actual promo, it really wasn’t that bad. I’m very interested to see if the creative team helped LaVar with that promo or he just went off the cuff. “There’s only two dudes better than me, and I’m both of em” is a line that needed to be on a shirt yesterday.

Side WWE Note: How good is The Miz on the mic? I’ve said this before. Miz is one of the last true heels in the WWE. The Miz was somehow able to get LaVar Ball, a natural heel, over with the crowd. That’s what a true heel does. Miz is such an under-appreciated worker, and there’s not denying his skills on the mic, as he’s Top 5 in the company when it comes to promos. He’s easily a Hall of Famer.

LaVar Ball in low-key good shape.

LaMelo Ball tried to get in on the action and maybeeeeeeeeee he should’ve stayed quiet. Hilarious moment though


Where was my boy Liangelo Ball? Sucks that LaVar said he won’t make the NBA, but I’m rooting for all of the Balls to make it. America needs it.

LaVar Ball is my hero.

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