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Interview: Larry Hughes Talks Joining Ice Cube’s Big3 League and His Love For Foreign Cars

BIG3 Draft

Earlier in the year I campaigned to get Larry Hughes to join Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league. My wishes came true in March when he announced he would be playing by quoting my tweet about him, so I naturally took credit for bringing the 38-year-old out of retirement.I naturally took credit for bringing the 38-year-old out of retirement. Little did I know I would run into the former Knick in the media room prior to making his Big 3 debut for the Killer 3’s.

Larry was cool with chopping it up for a few minutes after I told him I vividly remember his Knicks playing days in 2009 and I actually may have the only Larry Hughes #0 Knick jersey ever made, which he got a kick out of.

Tune into the Big 3 Monday night at 8 P.M. on FS1 to see all of Sunday’s quadruple header action, you might even see me under the basket during the first game. I believe this league could be the start of something special. Until then, check out my interview with one of my favorite NBA ballers growing up below.

1916090_1270661733718_138669_n (2).jpg

How’d you get in contact with the Big3 to join?

Larry Hughes: They reached out to a few of my people. I’m still involved with basketball, I do an academy in St. Louis. I guess they figured I was still in some shape.

So you didn’t see any of my tweets campaigning for you to join the league?

Larry Hughes: I’m not sure man, I’m not a social media guy really. That kind of came in after I left the league, but it’s good I know all the parties that’s involved. Even the people that put it together I’ve known for years. It’s all about relationships.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Larry Hughes: The competition and being out there in front of the fans, allowing them to see guys a few years out of the league and up there in age but still can get after it.

You still got it Larry?

Larry Hughes: I think. Yeah, of course.

Who would be your two dream teammates for a 3 on 3 game all-time?

Larry Hughes: I’d say MJ and I’d pick up Patrick Ewing. You got a jump shooting big.

Did you have a relationship with Chauncey Billups and Stephen Jackson prior to getting drafted by them?

Larry Hughes: I do, I actually just got off the phone with Chauncey just a minute a go. Me and Jack go back to when I got drafted by Philadelphia in 1998 he was one of the guys that was trying to make the team. We all got history, that’s why it’s good to get together.

Is Chauncey still going to play or do you think he’s taking the GM job with the Cavaliers?

Larry Hughes: He’s making a good decision. He’s taking his time with the decision trying to make it happen.

Have you talked to Jayson Tatum since he got drafted by the Boston Celtics? (Larry is his god-father)

Larry Hughes: I have, just told him congratulations right now. In a couple weeks we could talk about what he needs to do or the kind of things that go on, but right now I told him to enjoy it. Me and his dad are real close, any knowledge I have it gets to Jayson.

Do you remember your ride along segment with Jemele Hill showcasing your collection of cars?

Larry Hughes: I do. I enjoy fine cars, I had to move to a lot of SUVS because I got kids and I’m moving kids around. I had a Lamborghini, I had to get rid of that because I could only fit one other person in it. Nah, I still like cars man.


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