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Knicks Select The French Prince Of New York, Frank Ntilinkina

The French Prince of New York

So after all the dust has settled, the Knicks take Frank Ntilinkina. Since I ate a slice of humble pie with the Porzingis pick a few years ago, I’ve learned to do my homework with Knicks picks before cheering or booing. I’ve watched a few highlights of the kid and I like what I see. He’s a point guard for starters, which is something they desperately need. He’s a physical, 6’5 PG who can guard multiple positions. He’s an improved shooter and he’ll only get better. Most importantly, he is 18 years old. He’ll have some growing pains, but most scouts think he’ll be a nice NBA player, which I’m totally content with.

For now, Porzingis is staying put. I still don’t trust Phil Jackson. I really don’t think this was a motivational tactic. I don’t think Phil was trying to teach Zinger a lesson. I think Phil was truly pissed that Zinger spoke out against management, Phil got hurt, and wanted to trade him. That’s very concerning. Very concerning.

The offseason is going to be #RumorCentral, but for now, let’s celebrate Frank The Tank.

Viva La France! La Resistance (s/o WWE)

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