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Monday Memories: Dr. Rick From Fired Up!

Fired Up *Clap Clap* F U!

I could’ve done a whole article on Fired Up!, but I’m dedicating this blog to the scene stealer, Dr. Rick aka Dr. Dick. Fired Up was a lowkey (thicc) funny movie. From the “We Are Driving” to the Fountain of Troy, a lot of great one liners.

But then there was Dr. Rick, the PERFECT douchebag boyfriend. Dr. Rick could’ve been the 80s frat villain to every single teen movie. Every single one of them.

“Those feet look pretty small. What are they a 7?”

“10.5 papo……….11 in crocs.”

So ridiculous and it shouldn’t be funny, but it is.

Then, there’s the driving scene with Thad Castle

“Awesome song. Chumbawamba. It’s the Soundtrack of my life.” Could not agree more, Rick.

However, the endless nicknames might be Dr. Rick’s magnum opus. Carly Horse. Carls Barkley. Carly and the Chocolate Factory. Larry, Moe, and Carly. I feel like I should’ve played this part because I’m all for the corny nicknames.

Never change, Dr. Dick. Never change.


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