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Is Today The Worst Day Of The Year?

Here’s a little music to set the mood.

I hope everyone had a good MDW. I’m sure you spent it outside, soaked up (some) sun, ate some burgers, and crushed some drinks. Maybe you even made a trip to the Jersey Shore, Cape Cod, Maine, OCMD, etc. For me, I went down to the Jersey Shore. All fun and games as it happened. Not a care in the world. Good People, Great Places.

How do you feel today? Are you a little more tired than usual? Are you sweating profusely? Perhaps some of you are still rocking a nice hangover? Still couldn’t get over the “Monday Scaries?”

That’s because today is one of the worst days of the year. I don’t care what you do for a living. The first day back from a 3-day weekend or any holiday / vacation is going to SUCK. It’s one of the low points of the year. Some might say they’re “dark” or “pitch black.” For me, it feels like there are 100 knives in the back of my throat. I’m already dreaming of my bed and this is coming from a kid who has a love / hate relationship with sleep. This is one of the few times where I wish humans could hibernate for 24 hours. The world would be a better place.

Since today sucks, it got me thinking and I saw this on Twitter this morning. What are some of the other worst days of the year? A few come to mind right away.

Day after Labor Day, Monday after Thanksgiving, First Day back to work after New Years, December 26 (if Christmas is during the week).

However, I actually think the worst day of the year is the day after the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl falls on a Sunday, which is awful. If it were on a Saturday, people’s lives would be so much better. But it falls during the middle of winter so you’re cold and depressed. You ate like a pig the night before. You didn’t get a lot of sleep. Football doesn’t come back until August. Is there anything good about the Super Bowl if your team is not in it?

So although today is one of the worst days of the year, let’s be clear. We made it the worst day of the year. We wanted to celebrate the first weekend of summer in style. No one forced you to take pictures in the water at Seacrets. No one said to sit in traffic for 5 hours on Sunday. No one forced pizza and fried food down your throat. We did it to ourselves, folks. We made our bed so we have to sleep in it.

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