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Linkin Park Had An Epic Concert At Grand Central Station

ABC News – Linkin Park surprised unsuspecting commuters in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal earlier this week with a popup concert in the Manhattan subway station. The band’s performance was part of the finale of Pop-Up Week on “Good Morning America,” a week-long musical event that featured artists surprising fans with unexpected concerts at unexpected locations. “GMA” crews worked all day on Tuesday to transform the subway station into a concert hall fit for the rock royalty. More than a dozen cameras were also set up to capture the surprise performance from every angle.”I’m a huge Linkin Park fan,” one commuter who happened upon the concert told ABC News, “And I happened to be walking home from work and here we are.” Word of the concert spread quickly on social media and before long, hundreds of fans began flooding the subway platform.

It starts with ONE THING AND I DON’T KNOW WHY! Let’s just clear the air. If you don’t like In The End, I probably can’t take you seriously because you’re a pathological liar.

I’m jealous of every single person in that crowd. I go to GC station everyday and I’m miserable while I power walk at the speed of light to catch the right subway / train. I would’ve lost my shit if Linkin Park started playing that song live. In The End still knocks and get this, it’s 17 years old! That’s unreal to think that Linkin Park has been around that long. Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda Aka M Shinoda Aka Fort Minor’s finest still know how to get the crowd going. Their songs screams soft head banging, but you could still do it at a party nowadays and the song still gets the people going. I kid you not, I remember going to a party (humble brag that I party) and during a drinking game (humble brag to the fact that I drink), the whole party stopped to sing In The End. That’s when you know you have something special on your hands.

It sucks to see Chester wanting fans to move on from Hybrid Theory because that’s one of the best debut albums of all time (you can @ me, folks). I totally get trying to change up your sound to be different. Some of the newer stuff was good, but nothing will touch Hybrid Theory. Hybrid Theory was so successful and such a banger that if I’m LP, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Since I get on tangents for singers and bands lately, here are my Top 5 Linkin Park Songs.

5. The Catalyst

This one got a lot of hate because this was during the “Middle years of Linkin Park aka fans asking when the next Hybrid Theory would come,” but I like it. It gives you the same aggressive feel as older songs but gives you this electronic feel as well. This is a great song for air drums.

4. Breaking The Habit

Strange video, but it has the trademark “Scream the Chorus” lines that we’ve come to know and love from Linkin Park.

3. One Step Closer

ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE END CAUSE IM ABOUT TO BREAK. I felt like a boss while singing this song on Rock Band 2. Maybe throw out some middle fingers as I hook up with the mic.

2. Numb / Encore

Thank you Thank you, you’re far to kind. Is this the greatest rock – rap collaboration in the history of music? It might be. You have Hov and Linkin Park. On what planet will that work? Thank god it did and it was glorious. High school sports team rejoice as this song is a staple in their weight room playlists.

1. In The End


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