Everything You Need To Know About The Knicks Lottery Chances Tonight


The day is finally here people, NBA draft lottery night is upon us. I’ve been patiently waiting for May 16th since the Knicks season went to shit after a huge losing streak in January. It’s been a long four months to say the least. The Knickerbockers endured another painful season, but fans can now exhale after another 50 losses and look toward the future by adding another quality player to pair with Porzingis and Billy Hernangomez going forward tonight on ESPN prior to game two of the Western Conference Finals at 8:30 PM. You could make an argument the lottery will be the more exciting event.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.24.10 PM

Lottery night hasn’t been kind to New York in the past, as the Knicks haven’t picked in the top 3 since 1985 when they selected Patrick Ewing, which some people still believe was fixed for NYK. Check out the “Frozen Envelope” theory if you’re into conspiracies below.

This year’s draft class has a chance to be special and even if the Knicks stay at #7 they should be able to snag a potential All-Star player and a year one contributor in Malik Monk or Dennis Smith Jr. Falling to 8 or 9 though, could prove to be disastrous.

Basketball gods, you owe us one after all the shit we’ve been through this century, which includes some bad lottery luck from drafting Michael Sweetney in a stacked 2003 draft to screwing up the number one pick in 2015 with some late road wins against Detroit and Atlanta. Luckily, even though we dropped from number two to the fourth pick, Kristaps Porzingis fell into our laps. I will give you that one Phil and that’s it.

Let’s take a look at the percentages tonight as the Knicks could pick anywhere from the top 3 to between 7 and 10. (very very small chance of number 10. Three teams outside the top three would need to snag picks 1-3. Highly unlikely, but hey you never know.)

  • 1st:  5.3%
  • 2nd: 6.0%
  • 3rd:  7.0%
  • 7th:  57.2%
  • 8th:  22.6%
  • 9th:  1.8%
  • 10th:  0.0000000001%

Plug away with me on ESPN’s lottery simulator Knicks fans, like I have been all day. Talking myself into the Knicks somehow getting lucky and landing a top 3 pick (18.3% chance doesn’t sound too bad). You have to believe sending the legendary Walt “Clyde” Frazier should make for a good omen as well. I know it’s tough as Knicks fans exhibit the body language of a rescue dog, (props to Bill Simmons on that) but this ship will turn around at some point.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.06.35 PM

This night could shape our beloved but disastrous franchise and the overall landscape of the NBA for the next decade. Make sure to tune Tuesday night to see it all unfold over on ESPN at 8:30 PM EST.

Let’s Go Knicks!!!!!

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