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Lonzo Ball Releases $495 Shoes and $220 FLIP FLOPS (yes, Flip Flops)

Lavar Ball strikes again!!!!!!!

I know we’re used to LordTreeSap on the 1s and 2s when it comes to sneakers, but I’m a LaVar Ball guy so I’m stepping in to talk some shoes.

In terms of the shoes, my initial reaction was “screw these” but I think that’s just because I saw the price and I was instantly turned off. We’ll get to that in a second, but as I look at them more, they’re really not that bad. If Kobe’s and Curry’s had a baby, they would be the ZO2s. When I play ball, I like high tops for ankle support. I’m also not a black shoe guy, but for a first attempt at a shoe without the support of a major brand like Nike, Adidas, or UA, it’s not bad at all.

Obviously, the main issue is the price. You know there’s a problem when a basketball shoe is higher than a pair of Jordan’s. It’s laugh out loud funny that these shoes are $495. Almost unbelievable. You know what’s more unbelievable? $220 Flip Flops hahahahaha. Now, that is a goddamn joke. If you don’t rock flip flops under $25, I don’t want to talk to you. 1K for an autographed shoe of a guy who has not played 1 minute in the NBA…Bold strategy cotton!

The logo is pretty dope though mainly because it reminds me of the X-Men.

Now let’s get to the main event. The man behind the Big Baller Brand. The man who truly does not give a shit about what anyone says, LaVar Ball.

This fucking guy. The swagger. The confidence. The perfect heel persona. I am not afraid to say this. I am a LaVar Ball guy. He is the Vince McMahon of basketball right now, maybe even the sports world.

LaVar Ball is playing chess while everyone is playing checkers. LaVar Ball has made outrageous claim after outrageous claim like how he would beat Jordan 1 on 1. It’s so ridiculous. LaVar is the kid in running bases that gets pegged, everyone sees it, but continues to play and say “No, I’m not out.” Tricking yourself into believing something. The repercussions? He gets more popular and more TV / radio appearances.

LaVar Ball goes on First Take and just goes at it with Stephen A Smith. I mean at it! Even STEPHEN A couldn’t handle the troll level that Ball is on. What happened? They invite him on AGAIN!

LaVar Ball helps Lonzo release sandals (LOL) for $220, Shoes for $495, and autographed shoes for $995. What happens? It becomes the #3 trending topic in the WORLD.

The man is trolling us all and he’s winning. People keep saying Big Baller Brand will fail, but everyone is talking about it. Whether it will lead to huge sales is still up for debate, but LaVar Ball is making his family a household name. That’s the American dream if I ever heard one.

I will never buy these shoes in a million years. I struggle to pull the trigger on $45 vans so I’d probably bury myself alive if I spent $495 on shoes. The arrogance and cockiness to release a shoe for that price is almost re2pectable at this point. If people will buy them, then more power to the Balls. God bless ya, actually.

My sick mind actually wants Lonzo to get drafted by the Knicks. From a basketball standpoint, it makes so much sense cause depsite all of this chatter, Lonzo is an awesome basketball player and exactly the player the Knicks need. That being said, LaVar Ball in New York City…I’m giddy thinking about it. He would fight with everyone at the Garden and go at it with Spike, Phil, and Dolan. This man would either run NYC or burn it to the ground. Need LaVar in NYC. Need it.

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