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Carmelo Anthony Deserved Better From New York

On February 21, 2011, Carmelo Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks in a move he called, “a dream come true.” Just six years later, that dream quickly became a nightmare in the concrete jungle for the 32-year-old. Watching the video above makes me so angry, thinking about how great things could’ve been. In 2011, there was so much hope as a Knicks fan. Carmelo Anthony embraced New York. Yes, a star in his prime forced his way to be a savior of a franchise starving for one.

Fast forward to 2017 and it’s all gone to shit. I couldn’t even forecast a worse ending for Carmelo in NYC. Last week, Phil Jackson says Melo would be “better off somewhere else,” and now reports leak that Anthony and Lala are ending their 7 year marriage, which in my opinion has been a long time coming. Just a couple weeks ago I know for a fact that they were living in the same house together, and now it just leaked out that they will be separating. I look back to the 2013 “Honey Nut Cheerios” incident with Kevin Garnett, as rumors flew that the power couple would be breaking up, and admittedly it looked that way as they were rarely in the same place together. Now they just need to do what’s best for the two of them and their 10-year-old son Kiyan.

I’m not saying Carmelo is a perfect dude, but everyone that knows him says he is a good guy. The couple times I’ve come into contact with Melo he’s been nothing short of a class act, as he always takes time out for the fans and gives back to the community, like this past Christmas, gifting a car to a family in need. Simply put, Carmelo Anthony deserved better from New York and it’s a shame the Knicks could never surround him with sufficient talent. Through all the BS he’s had to deal with from Phil and the media this year, who is just kicking a guy when he’s down, Melo always faced it professionally. You have to respect that out of a player, who has gone through so much. I’m also not ready to buy into that story of him impregnating another woman. Let’s wait on the paternity tests before we go making those kind of bold accusations.

It’s tough to sum up Carmelo’s stay in NYC. He always wore the brunt of the blame, even when it wasn’t his fault. We had arguably the top scoring wing in the league and that somehow only lead to one playoff series win. His best teammates range from Tyson Chandler, a shell of Amar’e Stoudemire, and J.R. Smith. One of Anthony’s best moments in a Knicks uniform had to be his 2012 Easter Sunday performance, which was an unreal victory against the Bulls at MSG. Where Carmelo was on fire hitting the game-tying and game winning three pointers on his way to 43 points. Who could forget vintage Melo giving setting the Knick single game scoring record giving the Bobcats 62 points in early 2014. On the flip side I also can’t get the image of Melo getting blocked by Roy Hibbert in the 2013 playoffs out of my head. It really has been pretty much all downhill since that moment, after 10 straight playoff appearances.


New York is a different animal. It doesn’t matter who you are, even the best can get chewed up and spit out here. You may think it’s tough to feel bad for someone in the midst of a $124 million contract, but that’s how bad it’s gotten. I think Kristaps is beginning to realize that as well, which is scary to think we could potentially lose him, too. The dysfunction in this toxic organization is shameful. It’s tragic that Phil Jackson is going to be here the next two years. I pray Carmelo gets dealt to a potential contender like Cleveland so he can show up all the haters and get that championship ring he’s been starving for. The 10-time All-Star is still a big-time player that can get buckets in bunches with the best of them.

From a die-hard Knicks fan, thank you Carmelo Kiyan Anthony for wanting to conquer the basketball mecca, a challenge that most would shy away from. From the Mike D’Antoni era, to Linsanity, Phil Jackson and more, we’ve been through it all together. My favorite to ever suit up in the blue and orange, I just wish the ending was different. Goodbye Carmelo.

The end of an era. Stay Me7o.

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