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The Fate of The Furious Review: Now What?

For me, the most anticipated movie of 2017 up to this point was easily The Fate of the Furious. I’m sure you already know or have read how much I’m a Fast Franchise guy. I’ve seen them all multiple times. I can quote about family and high speed chases with the best of them. Because of this, myself and LordTreeSap went to the movies on opening night to enjoy this great franchise.

****May include some spoilers. Not many because I’m not an asshole, but if a major plot point slips, forgive me. You’ve been warned.****

Why do I love the Fast and Furious movies? 3 reasons:

  1. Unrealistic, Awesome action sequences
  2. Funny One Liners
  3. Great car chases

Well, I’m here to say that I got all three of those on steroids. I keep thinking “How is this series going to one up itself,” and yet they do it every time. For unrealistic action sequences, I’d put the prison sequence up there for best ass kicking scene in the series. Jason Statham still has that “cool guy” vibe to him and he defintely kicks ass, but no one, and I mean no one, messes people up like the Rock. If it’s possible, he got bigger in this movie..MUCH BIGGER

The Rock casually ripped his chains in half like it was a piece of paper. He also took a few rubber bullet shots to the chest / arms and just shrugged them off. So ridiculous.

Funny one liners? This film was full of them thanks to Roman Pierce aka Tyrese. Usually Tyrese has his one liners where he’s gawking over woman or when he doesn’t want to do anything, but I felt they made it a point of emphasis to give him all of the one liners in the movie. To their credit, it worked because I laughed every single time.

Did I mention their were some great car chases? LordTree said before the film, he missed the movies where street racing was a point of emphasis. LTS got that right off the bat with a good ole fashioned street race in Cuba. It was refreshing to see. But the car chase that will be remembered took place on ice with a Lamborghini, a tank, and if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, A SUBMARINE. Yes, a submarine was involved in this chase.

Just totally over-the-top action that I have come to love with these movies. So did I get my 3 things? You bet. I got all of that to the tenth power. I was entertained from start to finish.

I liked the Fate of the Furious, but…

Where do they go from here?

If you saw the movie, they definitely left the door open for a sequel. 8 was considered the first of its own trilogy with 9 coming in 2019 and 10 to close out the series in 2021. How do they keep getting bigger and badder? I really don’t know.

There are A LOT of rumors saying they should go to space. My opinion? Don’t go to space. Then it would be too ridiculous and even for me, that’s saying a lot. I would go back to their street racing roots, maybe even hit on points from the first movie like go back to race wars or something like that.

I also wish this movie ended off with more of a cliffhanger than it did. Every movie essentially ends the same. It’s either a BBQ or a family reunion. I get it. It’s a successful formula that works. I mean, it just set the record for biggest global opening of all time. Bigger than the Force Awakens. That’s mind boggling! But if this is considered the first of a trilogy, I would’ve left a bigger cliffhanger at the end so it can tie into the final two movies. Leave us wanting more, not necessarily fully satisfied.

All that being said, the biggest problem I had with the movie is something no one can control. I feel bad saying it because it is selfish of me to say. It felt like something was missing.

It was missing something or in this case, someone: Paul Walker aka Brian O’Conner.

This is obviously something the actors and writers cannot control. Paul Walker tragically passed away, but he was 1/2 of the Fast and Furious. When you think of the Fast Franchise, it starts and ends with Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner. Dom and Brian. Vin and Paul. Brothers. Family.

So it was weird to watch this movie without Paul. I kept thinking to myself “so this is where Paul makes his return” or “ok, now Paul comes back.” They even mentioned Brian’s name in the movie and you could tell that hit home for the actors / any fan of the series. It was almost an impossible task for this movie because it was the first one (not counting Tokyo Drift) without Paul.

This is still one of the greatest and most touching endings to a movie of all-time. Period. No questions asked.

Did I like the movie? Absolutely. I was entertained from start to finish. Was it my favorite FF ever? Absolutely not. Where does this fall on the Fast and Furious rankings? I’m not sure yet. I think the only fair way to judge this movie is to judge 8, 9, and 10 on a separate scale. The Post Paul Walker scale.

I still love this franchise and I cannot wait to see where they go in Fast 9.

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