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Tim Tebow Doing Tim Tebow Things: Hits Home Run In 1st At Bat


I’ve said this before and I will say this again. It’s fun to root for Tim Tebow. I can’t help but root for this guy. Some people find him annoying because he professes his religion nonstop. Others don’t like him because Skip Bayless basically made a mockery of the guy by proclaiming he was the best QB to walk the face of the Earth.

Me? I like the guy. His work ethic is phenomenal. Imagine winning a playoff game in the NFL and having every team blackball you the next year? I don’t care what this guy’s stats were or if he struggles to throw a football. He won a playoff game. Not a stats guy, but I’d venture to say that’s more than 80% of QBs in the NFL can say. He deserved another FAIR shot. End of story.

So am I surprised the guy is succeeding in baseball? Not at all. Let’s remember that this is Single A ball and he didn’t do so well in Spring Training, but to hit a HR in your first at-bat is damn impressive. Anyone who says “it barely went over the ball” or “he’ll never make it to the majors” can go kick rocks. Did you play Single A ball and hit a homerun? I’ll wait.

Good for Timmy T. It’s a nice “up yours” to the haters. The guy wants to try and make the majors? I’m all for it. I want to believe in something and I believe in Tim Tebow. I’m a Yankees fan, but if by some miracle he makes it to the Mets, I’ll cheer for him no doubt. I don’t want Tebowmania. I need it back in my life.

*Takes knee and Tebows*



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