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WrestleMania 33: Recapping The Night



Everyone loves WrestleMania. Crazy to think that this is the 33rd edition of pro wrestling’s Super Bowl. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from. You know what WrestleMania is and you know when it happens. It dominates the headlines the next day and it is all over social media. So don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

So myself, LordTreeSap, and friend of the DRM, Mr. Trigger, watched the whole show from start to finish.  That’s right, all 167 hours of it.  I’d say I’m more than your casual fan because I usually try to know what’s going on storyline wise and I’ll watch the big PPVs. So I’d say I’m not a big mark. I’m just a (little more than) casual fan who still wishes he played wrestling video games.  So I usually write 1 or 2 wrestling blogs a year so I thought here’s the perfect time to hit my quota. Let’s go.

Neville defeated Austin Aries to retain Cruiserweight Championship

No problems here. Entertaining match to kick off the pre pre show. Neville is doing the best work of his career and I like how he retained here. Aries is a good wrestler, but his future is in commentating. Purple ropes!!!

Mojo Rawley won the Andre The Giant Really Long Name Trophy

Good for Mojo. Really hard worker who deserved a WrestleMania moment. That being said, BRAUNNNNNNNNNNNN! The immovable monster that they have been building up for so long doesn’t even make the main card. I think it was a classic case of “we don’t have an opponent for him.” I get it. I even get why he didn’t win the Andre The Giant Really Long Name Trophy. He didn’t need it. But his “feud” with Big Show just felt rushed and forced. Here’s to hoping he gets a new program tonight.

P.S. Gronk doing Gronk things.

Dean Ambrose defeated Baron Corbin to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Dean used to headline PPVs. Now, he’s on the pre-show. That is all. Next.

AJ Styles defeated Shane McMahon

Great, great, great opening match. The Phenomenal One is arguably my favorite wrestler of all-time. The guy can do it all. His in-ring ability can’t be touched right now and I don’t even think it’s close. After putting on classic matches with John Cena, AJ went into a program with Shane. Most people thought the AJ vs. Shane feud would disappoint, but these two put on a great, great opening match. Whether he’s traded to RAW or competes for the title on SD, AJ is the face that runs the place. Can’t wait until he fights Nakamura or Balor one day.

Find me two kids that will do anything their father says more than Shane and Steph. I’ll wait…Are you kidding me? Shane O Mac is the craziest dude on the face of the Earth and his sister is right behind him. Shane jumped off the cell last year and he goes coast to coast and does an impressive Shooting Star Press.

Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho to become the new United States Champion

Best storytelling by far of all of the feuds. KO is a beast and totally boosts up any title he holds. Jericho is the ultimate professional. Knows his role now. Puts a ton of guys over and still does great work. I think (guess) he’s going away after his rematch so it’ll be interesting to see who Owens goes into a feud with.

Bayley pinned Charlotte to retain her Raw Women’s Championship

The “This could’ve meant so much more” match. The Charlotte PPV streak was beaten like a dead horse but yet it was ended in February? Sasha gets eliminated via turnbuckle? Is Sasha hurt again? I liked how Nia was protected, but this is really about Bayley. She should’ve won the title here for the first time and the crowd would’ve exploded. For whatever reason they decided to give her the title earlier (looking at you, Vince), it took away some steam from her winning here. However, I am still a hugger. I can’t wait for the Bayley – Sasha match at Summerslam. Bayley has the best theme song. THERE AINT NOT STOPPING US NOW.

DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! By far, the best moment of the night was the return of the Hardy Boyz. 12 year old me leaped with joy. Just an awesome moment. It was loud on our TV, but everyone in the stadium said it was an Austin-like pop. At first, I thought “So much for pushing new talent. I hope they don’t win.” But then, I slapped myself in the face and realized the Hardy’s are the most relevant tag team on Planet Earth. As long as they keep the “Broken” theme to an extent (Cause you know it will change), I’m game. The losers of this? Enzo and Cass. I feel like they’re in no man’s land right now. There’s no reason why they should not have had a title reign by now. They were so over with the crowd when they debuted. After some pointless feuds, (Shining Stars??!?!?!) I feel like they’re going to lose some steam if they don’t get a push soon. I see 3 things happening: trade to SmackDown (PLEASE) to bring new life to their tag team division, turn heel (no thanks), or Cass goes into singles competition with Enzo as his manager (probably gonna happen).

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