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‘More Life’ Shows Drake’s Vision Is Bigger Than The Bigger Picture

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The much anticipated playlist had quite the build up after being delayed several times, but ultimately people didn’t know what to expect from More Life and the 6god delivered. “Did I lose you?” Drake raps and I feel like he’s speaking directly to me, as someone who used to be a huge Drizzy fan. But I found myself growing further and further apart from his music since the masterpiece known as Take Care, to not understanding the direction of VIEWS.

I admit on my Take Care Five Year Anniversary piece that I selfishly wanted Drake to make another rap album, which is the reason I loved his music in the first place, but as he spits on the 2014 leaked track ‘How Bout Now,’ “Always felt like my vision was bigger than the bigger picture,” is coming into fruition. Drake isn’t the biggest interview guy, keeping his OVO family as a tight knit group that moves in silence, but the 30-year-old opened up to his good friend Coach John Calipari on Cal Cast  and blessed DJ Semtex with an additional in depth conversation, giving a look to what the Toronto native has in store for the future.

You won’t hear Drake saying he’s the best rapper alive anymore because he’s working his way to becoming the biggest thing in all of music. He cannot be boxed into one genre, showing he could tap into the best parts of his diverse catalogue for a fire 22-track playlist with ‘More Life.’ Even the Grammys, which he has no respect for, tried giving him Best Rap Song for “Hotline Bling,” and everyone damn sure knows it cannot be labeled as a rap record.

I believe that Drake is looking to use music to empower himself in the next chapter of his life, which I think will involve unfinished business on television. Couldn’t you see Aubrey as a late night television host on OVO Television? That makes too much sense, and he even referenced that as an end goal on John Calipari’s podcast. In the past Drake has hosted the ESPY’s as well as SNL, and did a very good job, looking comfortable in the role.

Do playlists become the new thing? Drake is known for making moves in music that become wide-spread industry trends (OVO Radio). With streaming becoming the way fans consume music, I could see playlists replacing the old school mixtape that artists can supply fans without the pressures from critics and critiques about the cohesiveness of a studio album on their discography. The 30-year-old artist knew VIEWS wasn’t the one, even with the record streaming numbers. He brought it with More Life, displaying the best of Drake doing what he does best, make good music and hit records. I think every fan can identify with and appreciate certain tracks at the very least, as the playlist broke his own streaming records, notching over 500 million first week sales and every track appearing on the Billboard Hot 100. 

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Whether it was Drizzy showcasing his infatuation for the grime scene with songs featuring Skepta and Giggs or the dancehall vibes on “Passionfruit” or the Jamaican influence of “Madiba Riddim” and “Blem,” the global superstar catered to everyone. “Teenage Fever” took it back to the “Marvin’s Room” era where an emotional Drake identifies with the college kid going through relationship troubles. Who else could sample the legendary Jennifer Lopez’ “If You Had My Love?” Hearing the melodies of Drake and Kanye West going back and forth got me hyped for a peak into what a possible collab album would sound like, pure genius. You can’t look past the Travis Scott and Quavo featured banger showcasing their love for the city of “Portland” over the tuneful flute rhythm. Df5Cidi.png My personal favorite is the way Drake exudes his struggles when closing out a project. “Do Not Disturb,” features the Toronto native at his most humble, with the soothing vocals of a Snoh Aalegra “Time” sample behind him. More Life can go toe to toe with any project in his discography, and for me its second to Take Care. I just hope the radio doesn’t ruin tunes like “Free Smoke” after making me never want to hear “Hotline Bling” and “Controlla” again.

I hear you Drake, see you in 2018.

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