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The NBA Needs More Fighting

I can’t believe I’m getting excited over a fight that saw ZERO punches land, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Last night in the Bulls vs. Raptors game, ex Knicks legend and Professional Mascot fighter Robin Lopez went after Serge Ibaka after Ibaka “shoved / tripped / I don’t really know at this point” Lopez. Well, RoLo was NOT having it, stepped up to the plate, and this ensued.


I love it. I absolutely LOVE this. Two guys who had enough of each other’s shit and just decided to fight it out. The way it should be done. There were no fake pushing and shoving in this one. No “hold me back, bro!”fake fight feel. This was genuine and both guys wanted blood. It’s so sad that this “fight” was the best fight in the NBA in years. The playoffs are coming up so the passion for the game is starting to come out, which leads me to my main point.

The NBA needs more fighting.

HARDOOOOO ALERTTTTTTTTTT! I’m not trying to be a hardo or a tough guy. I’m just trying to be honest. In a league where everyone and their mother is best friends, it’s refreshing to see two guys go at each other in the heat of the moment instead of dapping up every two seconds DURING A GAME. That drives me nuts when you see two opposing players shooting the shit in the heat of battle in an important game. You can be friends before the game. You can be friends after the game. Don’t be friends during. It’s ok to respect the opposing player, maybe an introductory hello and small talk in the first half. That might even be stretching it, but it’s whatever. However, don’t let me catch you doing that in the second half. You think Michael Jordan was dapping up Isiah Thomas in the early 90s? Maybe Larry Bird would shoot the shit with Magic in Game 7 of the NBA Finals? Not in a million years.

The whole “buddy buddy / everyone is friends”is part of today’s society and I get that. I’m not some “The old NBA was better than the new NBA” type of stick-up-my-ass writer. I love basketball and I love the NBA now. However, I will say the old NBA was better when it came to letting players get away with things / lack of silly technicals and flagrants on hard fouls. Part of me does miss when players wanted to rip each other’s heads off and I’m not even that old to remember most of that time. Just be more lenient with the way fouls are called in big spots.

You want to see fighting? Let’s see fighting.

Exhibit A: P.S. This was during a preseason game

Exhibit B

Exhibit Letters After Z

I’ll even be reasonable. It does not even have to be full on fights anymore. Just let the players do hard fouls again especially in the playoffs. Don’t call it a flagrant if a guy goes to the deck hard while going to the basket. It’s the playoffs!!!! Every basket counts. Those two points could be the difference between hoisting the trophy and teeing off at Pebble Beach.

Imagine if the NBA implemented a fighting rule like in hockey. If two guys want to go, just let them go for a minute, and then just give them technicals. Think about how fired up your team would be? Think about how jacked up fans would get? This would NEVERRRRRRRRRRR happen and it honestly shouldn’t, but it’s funny to think about because that’s basically what Dennis Rodman and Bill Lambier did for a living.

I’m not saying we need Ron Artest and the Malice at the Palace back in the game. However, a few hard fouls and shoving matches to get a team going might be just what the game needs again.

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