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Today I Somehow Brought Larry Hughes Out Of Retirement


Larry Hughes was one of my favorite NBA ballers growing up, a guy destined to be a Knick at some point in his career, and ended up playing in 56 games from 2009-2010 with the ‘Bockers, hitting crazy shots like this. I think I may have the only Knicks Larry Hughes jersey ever made. I’ve been pretty into the 3 on 3 league Ice Cube has started with former NBA players beginning this summer, and over the past month I’ve been campaigning for Larry Hughes to join the league on Twitter.

Today, I’m just scrolling through Twitter like it’s your average shitty Monday and boom, I see the Big 3 Twitter account post a press release that says Larry Hughes will be joining the league. I couldn’t believe it. I begin pondering the thought that I actually may have influenced this, but who knows. Then I tweet a simple thank you to the league and the 38-year-old baller for signing up.

The Saint Louis native ended up responding to my tweet saying, “Can’t wait to get in on the Big 3 action. It’s on!” Now I’m not going to say I told you so, but I will. I think I can take credit for bringing Larry Hughes out of retirement. A player before his time, that would’ve thrived in the social media era. He became most popular for being LeBron’s Cavalier sidekick on the 2007 team that went on an improbable run to the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, injuries plagued him and he never lived up to the 5-year $70 million contract like many expected him to in Cleveland.

Check out this epic video of Hughes showing off his dope car collection in an interview at his Chicago mansion with ESPN’s Jemele Hill. What a segment that was.

Hughes finished his injury riddled career only appearing in 70+ games twice with averages of 14 ppg, suiting up for the 76ers, Bulls, Warriors, Cavaliers, Knicks, Wizards, Magic and Hornets respectively. Larry led the entire NBA in steals in 2005, making All-NBA first defensive team. Fun fact, he is Duke baller Jayson Tatum’s godfather.

Let’s go Big Shot Larry. I’ll see you this summer homie. I know you still got game. This league is going to be awesome.


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