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The DailyMixReport Goes To FrancesaCon


700 people (98% male) packed out Irving Plaza on a chilly Saturday for the fourth rendition of sports nerd heaven known as FrancesaCon. The DailyMixReport was on hand to take it all in at the event dubbed as “Mike Francesa’s Going Away Party,” and even got to meet the sports pope himself later on in the evening.


Most people arrived between 1-2 P.M. but you could sense a calm before the storm effect as everyone dressed in their FrancesaCon shirts (we bought two) and Mike Francesa gear. Around 2:30 PM, Francesa bursted onto the stage ironically as his infamous Harambe “Goriller” rant boomed over the speakers to a standing ovation as Mike greeted guests in the front row. All hell broke loose as chants of “NUMBAH ONE” and “Fuck Michael Kay” broke out to serenade the sports talk radio hero.

The soon to be 63-year-old graced the mic and in the beginning, took some playful shots at his longtime partner Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who had an imitator on stage as well, before letting everyone know he would not be retiring. Mike said he would be “taking you all with me,” in regards to mongo nation and his next move once his contract with WFAN expires at the end of this year. This will not be the last FrancesaCon.

We have to give it up to Mike. The man stood around, took pictures, talked with every last fan for more than two hours as Mongo Nation lined up to meet the 5’10” legend, who was dressed in a wind-breaker, jeans and loafers. DG lead the charge and Mike had no idea how to react to Dan’s RIP Harambe shirt, but I’ll let him explain that. As you may know LordTreeSap is a huge Bill Simmons fan, and him and Mike teamed up for a show during May of 2016. So LTS told Mike he has to have him on for a day, and Francesa actually agreed with the sentiment, and went as far as promising to make it happen, saying “that’s a good idea, we’ll try to make that happen.” So LTS is fucking pumped.


DG: DG here. LTS did a nice job of explaining the overall auora of the event. 700 people packed in Irving Plaza to see a man that rants about sports for a living is pretty cool / sad/ funny / amazing all at the same time. The overall auora was cool to witness. The sounds of “Mike’s On” was playing throughout the day as well as Sour Shoes and the Mad Dog impersonator (?).

The funniest part for me was when our team actually met Mike. In a total DB move by myself, I wore the shirt that sparked one of Mike’s best rants from 2016.



So we decided that I would walk up first and show off my shirt. That’s exactly what I did. I walked up to Mike, nodded my head, and showed off my shirt. Mike said NOTHING. He was absolutely speechless. I think he was in awe of the shirt and had no idea what to say. I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but I think him in a mental pretzel. Mike just smiled, shook my hand, and moved on to LTS and Producer Jim.

March 4, 2017 – The day Mike was speechless.

It was a great meet and greet over all. We always talk about Mike so it was fitting we met him in his “last year.” Who knows, maybe the DMR will be back next year and I’ll wear another meme shirt.


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