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Oscars Shocker: La La Land Wins Best Pict…Scratch that, MOONLIGHT Wins Best Picture



Holy Shit. I think that might be the biggest mistake / blunder / fuck up to ever happen at an awards show.

This is the Oscars. The Oscars!! This is not your local awards show at your local YMCA. This is for Best Picture at the Oscars, which is the highest possible award you can get in movies.

How does that happen? People are going to blame Warren Beatty, but it sounds like they didn’t switch envelopes from the previous category. Imagine taking the stage, holding the Oscar for Best Picture, thanking everyone in your family, the highest of highs, Cloud Nine, and all the above.

And then having that all taken away. To give back the Oscar that you thought you just won. I don’t know if you can have a bigger gut punch than that. However, props to the La La Land producer who handled that like a goddamn professional. I have NO idea how he was so composed, but well done to him. Also, shout out to the guy who said “We lost” right into the mic. That was amazing.

I’ll do a recap tomorrow about the whole show, but for now, congrats to Moonlight! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Moonlight was my #1 movie of the year. Well-deserved.



Also, guess who’s off the hook now?


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