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What Should The Knicks Do With Carmelo Anthony?


The million dollar question of the Knicks season, what is going to happen with Carmelo Anthony? The Knicks sit 3 games out of a playoff spot with a record of 20-26 and not much hope going forward, as the experiment has not panned out thus far.

Phil Jackson can add another media blunder to his resume this season, with the leaking of a potential deal sending Anthony to the Cavaliers. Phil has now pitted himself against Anthony the rest of the way. Great, our best player and team president are now butting heads. I guess their “meeting” last week did not do much. Time and time again Phil has left coach Hornacek and Melo out to dry as the team spokesmen with Jackson nowhere to be found, except when he wanted to address his divorce and calling out LeBron’s “posse.”

Now there are a few ways the ‘Bockers can handle the Melo situation.

1. Add veterans and make a push for the playoffs.

If Phil does not want to give in and truly believes the Knicks are a playoff team, he will add a tough wing defender at the deadline to hopefully propel this team to the post-season down the stretch.

2. Stand pat.

He may do absolutely nothing the rest of the way and collect his $12 million for the year.

3. If it gets really ugly, a fire-sale at the deadline.

Now I think it would have to get really ugly for this to happen, and the Knicks go into all out tank mode and focus on building around Porzingis. They would trade away guys like Rose, Melo and Jennings and take whatever haul they could get for the trio.


What I Believe Will Happen:

I think it will be too tough to find a potential place that one, Melo would agree to waive his no-trade clause to go and two, get enough pieces to satisfy Phil to deal the 9-time All-Star. It would definitely take three teams to facilitate a trade. Contenders like Cleveland, Toronto and Boston could be interested.

My bro sent me this deal as a possibility and I want to throw up if this is all we could get for a player of Carmelo’s caliber. Knicks would also receive a 1st round pick this year from Toronto.


With the media circus getting out of control, I really hope this team can put together a few wins and quiet the outside noise and get back in the playoff picture like we were prior to Christmas.

I respect the shit out of Carmelo’s unwavering loyalty to this team, it’s a shame we could not surround him with better talent. It’s also been pleasant to see Melo’s game rise as the distractions around him also increase. He is playing his best basketball of the season, going about his business the right way on and off the floor.

#StayMelo #BeatTheMavs #BenchNoah

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