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If You’re Not Pumped For The New Power Rangers Movie, Then Get Lost


Power Rangers was my shit as a kid so you better believe I’m excited for this movie. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. These past couple of years, it’s been reboot city. Reboots on reboots on reboots. It comes down to one fact: The 90s ruled. Power Rangers was no different. I was obsessed with them. I played it everyday at recess and my friends and I would morph on the jungle gym. I had all the action figures and vehicles (although I could never figure out how to properly assemble the zords). The movies back in the day were awesome. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Turbo Rangers movies are all-time classics. I shit you not, about a few months ago, I randomly started to binge watch Power Rangers on Netflix and it was the best decision of my life.

SQUAD GOALS. If your first crush wasn’t the Pink Ranger, then I think I have to take your man card. She’s the very definition of what the kids call “bae.”

The new squad ain’t that bad either. The new movie has a Chronicle / sci-fi feel to it. It seems like their powers are in real life, not just through their suits. Hey, I’m down with that.


Want to know why this movie will rule? Bryan Cranston is playing Zordon. Bryan Cranston! Walter White himself is playing God. Also, Bill Hader is playing Alpha 5 and Elizabeth Banks is playing Rita Repulsa. These are no schmucks. These are legit actors. Power Rangers is pulling out all of the stops. I can’t wait to watch.

P.S. I’ve been debating what Power Rangers theme song is the best. The easy answer is to say Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. “GO GO Power Rangers” is goddamn iconic. However, I’m going with the underdog, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. POWERRRR RANGERRRRSSSS LOST LOST GALAXXXXYYYYYYYY

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