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Is Aaron Rodgers The Most Talented Quarterback Of All-Time?

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If you were one of the 48.5 million viewers to watch the game between the Packers and Cowboys, then you saw one of the best playoff games in years. Dak Prescott led the Cowboys back from 18 points down to tie the game up at 31. The only problem was there was time on the clock and Aaron Rodgers had the ball.

Then, this happened.

And this happened.

Packers win again and Aaron Rodgers continues to prove he is not human. I will be first to admit that I have not always been the biggest fan of Aaron Rodgers, but there is absolutely no denying his skill level.

More importantly, it brings up the (embrace) debate. Is Aaron Rodgers the most talented quarterback of all-time?

Let me first start off by saying this. I am NOT saying he is the greatest QB of all-time and I’ll get into that in a second. But if we are talking about pure talent and skill level, Aaron Rodgers might be #1.

I mean did you see that throw?!?!? Running to his left under pressure and throws a 35 yard dart to the sidelines. That seriously might be the greatest throw of all time. Before that, and I admit that I’m bias, Eli to Manningham had the top spot, but I can totally hear arguments for Rodgers’ s throw.

There isn’t a throw that Rodgers can’t make. He can kill you in all facets of the game. Give him time in the pocket and he will carve you like a Thanksgiving turkey. Just ask the Giants (sore subject), who are currently golfing after Rodgers went for 362 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 INTs.

As we have seen before, Rodgers is like Picasso when he throws on the run. Seriously, he might even prefer it. He can run for 1st downs. He extends plays as well as the Big Ben. His accuracy is that of a sniper. This is all eye test, but I think most fans might agree with me. The only comparisons that come to mind are John Elway and Steve Young. Guys that can make every throw, use their legs to extend plays, and throw accurately on the run. Even with those comparisons, I think Rodgers’s skill has surpassed those two HOFers.

Now, there is a reason why I didn’t call Aaron Rodgers the “greatest QB of all-time.” To be considered an all-time great, history has said you need two things:

  1. The Numbers to back it up
  2. Multiple Super Bowl Rings

I didn’t make up the rules, but that’s how we judge QBs. Dan Marino has all the numbers in the world, but he never won a Super Bowl. Brett Favre was the Ironman and the gunslinger, but no one mentions him as “the GOAT” because he only has one ring. Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowls, but injuries towards the end of his career lead him to an early retirement. Once again, all of these QBs are great, but they cannot be considered the greatest ever.

As of now, by the definition, there are a few QBs that would be put of Rodgers as “greatest off all-time.” John Elway is ahead of Rodgers. I’d put Big Ben as well because of his numbers, Super Bowl wins and appearances (even though Aaron beat him). You could even make an argument for Eli if we’re JUST talking about numbers and rings, not pure skill.

That being said, Tom Brady and Joe Montana are at the top and I’m sorry, but that’s not up for debate. 4 Super Bowls each and both are in Top 20 of the major statistical categories for QBs. It’s just a fact. Aaron is not there yet.

If Aaron Rodgers wins another Super Bowl, he can join the conversation of greatest ever. For now, he’s the most talented QB of all-time, which isn’t a bad consolation prize.

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