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This Is Us: The Show That Everyone Should Be Watching


I’ll be honest. When NBC was promoting the hell out of this show during the summer, I thought it would be a clunker. Here’s another show that won’t even make it two months without being cancelled.

I will be the first to say that I was completely wrong. This Is Us is an awesome show. The concept is pretty unique. I’ll do my best not to spoil. It’s about family life and how the lives of random people can be intertwined and come together as one. I get it. I know that was a shitty explanation but I really don’t want to give it away.

The show will take you on an emotional roller coaster. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be happy. You’ll be sad. You’ll say “what is going on? Did I miss that?” I am not a cryer. That’s not me being a tough guy. That’s just a fact. I don’t cry at funerals and I don’t cry at the end of The Notebook. That being said, if you cry, I totally understand because there are a lot of emotional moments. A lot of tough topics are covered. Death, weight, not fitting in, being different, etc. It’s all stuff that regular joe’s like you and me have dealt with to a degree at some points in our life. It’s relatable.

Now I know there are a few hardos out there saying “This is a chick’s show.” From the outside, it may look like that. But once you watch it, it’s really interesting and well done. There are plot twists after plot twists after plot twists. I mean just watch episode one and you’ll understand what I’m saying. The show really keeps you guessing and it’s very entertaining.

This Is Us returns tonight for it’s 11th episode. Only 18 this season so you have time to catch up. Do it. Do it.

P.S. – The show was created by Dan Fogelman aka the writer of Crazy, Stupid, Love. I know you all like that movie so stop lying to yourself.

P.S.S. – Mandy Moore – BACK


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