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The Top 12 Mike Francesa Moments From 2016

As Big Mike goes into his last year at WFAN, here are the top 12 calls he fielded in 2016.


2016 was an epic year in sports, which made for some quality sports talk radio. This year was the most I’ve ever listened to the sports pope and I felt compelled to put all the classic Zaun calls/moments together in one place, as Mike Francesa goes into his last year with WFAN (But he doesn’t want to talk about it now). Take a look at my top 12 list below, and let me know if I missed anything.

*** Shoutout To my Brother Jon and Cousin Big Joe For Helping Me Create The List***

12) Jason In New Brunswick Calls Mike To Say Hi

11) John in Staten Island – “It don’t matter what these kids look like.”

10) Fred in New Jersey – “Who would win in a street fight, Lawrence Taylor or Mike Tyson?”

9) Mike Takes a call from Mike in Long Island, doesn’t realize “Sour Shoes” is impersonating him until Monzo quickly puts an end to it.

8) Mike in Brooklyn – “MIKEYY F WHATS UP BABYY”

7) Mike in New Haven – “I’m Not Your Bro”

6) Mike Tells Us About The Las Vegas Pool Parties

5)Β Justin Has An Idea To Make Colin Kaepernick Take a Knee On The Field

4) Mike Makes Eddie In Queens Feel UncomfortableΒ 

3) Rusty In New Jersey Hits Mike With The Troll Of The Year

2) Caller Tells Mike He Opens His Mouth Like A Fish On Television

1) ***The Greatest Clip in WFAN History*** Mike Gives His Take On The Death Of Harambe

Honorable Mention:

Mike Is Interrupted By A Girl Saying “I’m Gonna Go Shower”

Caller Appreciates Mike’s Mature “Non-Pervert” Show Then Another Asks About Tebow Getting 3,000 Hits

What Kinda Indian Are You?

Mike Struggles To Pronounce Jets WR Quincy Enunwa’s Name

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