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We Are Fine

Everyone Giants fan needs to take a deep breath.


Am I the only one who has not forgotten that this team is 8-4? Am I the only one who saw this team win 6 straight games before putting up a clunker against a Steeler team that was picked by many to reach the Super Bowl? Yes, the Giants did not play well. That’s a fact, but why are people abandoning ship already, saying that we’re going to lose the next four games and miss the playoffs?

From the beginning of the season, my season predictions have been: 4-3 at the bye, 10-6 at the end of the year. 4-3 at the bye? Check. 10-6 at the end of the year? Need to go 2-2 in the next 4 games against the Cowboys, Lions, Eagles, and Redskins.

If that hasn’t swayed you, let’s look at the playoff picture.


People, the Giants have the 5-seed and have a 2 game lead in the win column. As of now, all of those teams we play have a shot at playoffs or are in the playoff hunt. Hence, we can control our own destiny. I’ll take that every single day of the week instead of having to pray teams lose in order to gain ground in the race.

So back to the Pittsburgh game. U-G-L-Y. The offense stalled out and saying they struggled to move the ball is an understatement, missing 3 fourth down conversions. Imagine the Giants convert those. We might be saying how the Giants still have a shot at the division. You know what, I’m totally fine with Benny Big Balls going for it on fourth down. You’re going to miss some of them. It happens. I will go down with the ball in Eli Manning’s hands 8 days out of 7. Let’s also remember that the Giants have yet to score over 30 points this year. I think they are do for a huge offensive game over the next four weeks.

In regards to the defense, I’m really not worried. Vernon, Jenkins, and Snacks have lived up to the hype. JPP is a savage right now and Landon Collins is slowly becoming the new Ed Reed. The defense will be fine. They just went into Pittsburgh and kept our offense in the game for 3.5 quarters. Can’t ask for much more.

We also have Brad King aka Mr. Steal Your Girl. Punting machine.

So that brings us to the final four games. Maybe I’m overconfident when I shouldn’t be. The run game is still struggling. The offense LOVES stalling on drives. OBJ seems like he’s about to lose his head after every bad call (throw the flag for pass interference, ref). The tight ends are playing below average. Don’t worry, I’ve covered all of my bases and the result is the same every damn time:


10-6 will get us in the playoffs. 2-2 over the final 4 games. Why are we jumping ship? R-e-l-a-x. You want to panic? Lose two in a row and I’ll start to sweat, but I am not panicking and neither should you. Stay the course. This is a different team. This is a playoff team. See you in January for the Wild Card round.

P.S. You’re nuts if you don’t think the Giants vs. Redskins game Week 17 will be for a playoff spot. That’s almost a given. It reminds me of 2007 when the GMENNNNNN went to Buffalo with their backs against the wall. Won that game. Beat the Pats in the Super Bowl. Rinse. Repeat.




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