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Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 18 – The Edge of Seventeen

Another week, another podcast from boys of the DMR.

We got a little “weird” in the middle. Played some Would You Rather’s like we were on the middle school bus on our way to a field trip. We talk about UFC 205 and the man that is Conor McGregor as well as dive into our NFL Picks (It’s a Monday so you can see how badly we did).

The beginning of the show dives into a movie that myself and LTS saw this past Friday, The Edge of Seventeen. Yes, it was a man date and yes, we were about two of five guys in a theater of 30 women. True ladies men. Anyways, as a surprise to no one, the movie ruled. Both LTS and I had high expectations going into the movie and they were satisfied. One of the better coming of age films I have seen in a while. The premise is when an odd high school junior’s best friend starts dating her superstar brother, Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) has to figure out how to fit in and deal with the troubles of high school.

The acting all around was great. Woody Harrelson played Nadine’s teacher and was excellent in a funny, sarcastic role. However, the dude who stole the show was Erwin, played by newcomer Hayden Szeto. E-Money! The guy was LOL funny. Played the awkward high schooler who gets nervous around his crush to a T. Everyone can relate. You’re lying if you never screwed up around your crush. “Uhh uhhhh uhh hi.” Everyone went to high school and everyone can relate to parties, fitting in, and finding yourself. I’m gonna stop before I sound like a guidance counselor. Moral of the story: see the movie. You won’t be disappointed.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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