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5 Years Ago Today, Drake Dropped His Masterpiece ‘Take Care’

I miss the old Drizzy.

Wow, did five years go by fast or what. I’m so fucking washed up. ‘Take Care’ really made me a Drake fan and I’ve grown farther and farther apart from his music since. No album he’s made has even come close to this masterpiece.

‘Take Care’ may even be in my top 5 hip-hop albums EVER, no doubt it’s in the top 10 at the very least. Drizzy brought the fire, front to back no skippable songs, with perfectly executed features to collectively form an eccentric 20-track spectacle. This project even introduced me to The Weeknd with their signature banger, “Crew Love”. I remember listening to the tune in my college dorm Freshman year wondering, who is this second coming of Michael Jackson?

‘Take Care’ was the perfect followup to ‘Thank Me Later,’ which layed the foundation for Drizzy’s career, but this album truly launched his stardom into a different stratosphere with potential to be one of the all-time greats. The project sold 631,000 units in the first week and premiered at number one, topping the Billboard charts. Even taking home a Grammy for Best Rap Album. Shout out to 40.

With banger after banger, Drake brought fire bars to each track including classics (it’s crazy to call something in 2011 a classic, shit I’m old) “Marvin’s Room”, Weezy assisted “HYFR”, my personal favorite “Over My Dead Body”, “Underground Kings”, “Take Care” and many more.

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t believe we will get another true classic “hip-hop” album from Drake again (If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late was close) as the 30-year-old has moved his brand into a mainstream pop lane of consumption, which is heavily exposed on his latest installment of “Views”. Maybe he’s just growing as an artist and it’s unfair for me to expect an album with an aesthetic he’s already perfected.

I guess you could say, I miss the old Drake. Bring him back Kanye.



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