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DG’s State Of The Union For The Daily Mix Report

Shoutout to my man, JFK

The Election is finally over and I, for one, am very happy. I just want social media to go back to sports score, entertainment news, stalking the person you met at the bar the previous night, and viral videos. That’s all I need.

However, sticking with the election theme, I figured it was time to give my State of the Union for the Daily Mix Report. Let’s get to it.

For those who don’t know, LordTreeSap and I got the idea to run a blog back in 2014 when we studied in Italy together. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but people have told us we can be entertaining together. Both of us did not have any previous blog experience, but it was something we were both excited to start. We both love sports and entertainment and both bring different things to the table. I’m going to talk about movies and fangirl over Top 40 radio while LTS loves to watch the Kardashians and complain about the Jets. We both bring different things to the table, which is what makes us a solid team. Our purpose is to entertain so we will write about anything as long as we put our own, unique spin on it.

I’ll be honest. The original Daily Mix started off better than expected. We were killing it with page views and we gained a lot of traction with people. Let’s keep in mind, this was a simple site we made via blogger. I mean we used to post a whole section of “TMZ style pics” of our friends / enemies / strangers doing stupid shit at a bar and somehow got away with it. It was funny and original because we were the only idiots doing it in town. People used to send us this stuff to post on our blog posts. For 21 year old kids, we loved the popularity and feedback of the site.

That being said, the site definitely started to slow down. Now, a lot of this has to do with the fact we had our senior year of college coming up so I knew content would slow down. We still managed to do our usual previews of sports seasons, awards predictions, and trending stories, but school (and partying) got in the way. I get that and I was fine. Then graduation hit and we tried to enter the “real world.” Once again, we got a little lazy, which is easy to admit looking back. Was the first site a failure? Yes and no. Yes because our content definitely slowed down, which can’t ever happen if you expect to run a successful website. I wouldn’t call it a total failure though because the passion to blog and entertain was still there for myself and LTS.

Fast forward to Spring 2015. This is where we started to get into broadcasting. At school, I was always involved with broadcasting ever since I was a freshman. I did a lot of play by play for sports, but hosting my own radio show was a bigger passion for me. LTS used to just be a regular caller, but then we started doing a weekly 30 minute segment together. I like to call this “The Birth of The Podcast.” We did that for a few months, graduated, and did not get jobs in the real world. That’s what we do best. Sitting on our laptops and blog. The Life.

Let’s fast forward again to around April 2016. This is the turning point of the Mix. This is when we decided to “go for it.” We needed a major site overhaul. New design, logo, domain, etc. The name “Daily Mix Report” became the new site. We also decided to create the Daily Mix Report Podcast, which so far, the feedback has been positive. Most importantly, we gained the 3rd piece of this team in Producer Jim. He does all the behind the scenes stuff and handles all of our technical issues. Without Jim, there is NO podcast or anything technical for that matter.

So with a new name, site, podcast, and social media accounts, where do we go from here? I’ll tell you where. We go up. We’re not stopping anytime soon. I’m so damn proud of the work that myself, LTS, and Jimmy have put in up to this point. We make ZERO money for this right now. All of the domains, upgrades, and podcast equipment comes from out of our pockets. Would we like to make money (if anyone wants to sponsor us, let us know) off of this someday? Of course we would, but that’s a long way away. We still have so much room for improvement. More writers and more content are the two biggest things we can always increase. If you want to write, let us know and we’ll give you a shot. I also really want to improve on upon our social media and engage more with our audience. I want people to come to the Daily Mix Report first when it comes to fun and interesting stories. That is my goal and I will not stop until we accomplish it. We also have A LOT of new ideas we want to bring to the table. A live broadcast at a bar / restaurant, original video, and more Facebook Live are already in the works so look out for that in the coming weeks.

That being said, I love the direction we are headed in. The Mix continues to improve every month and I intend on keeping it that way. I love this site and I know LTS and Jim love it as well. What makes us different is our local flare with readers. We connect with our audience in a way that other sites struggle to do. All three of us are not egotististical maniacs who let things get to our head. We write and podcast because we truly love doing it. We love to drink beer, hang out, and shoot the shit and all of those qualities show in our content. By the people, for the people. We want to engage and connect with our audience in a way that makes you coming back for more and I believe we can do this if we continue on the path we are going.

So I want to thank everyone who has supported us and read us over the years. I also want to thank the people who don’t like the site because without them, we would not work as hard to improve and make things better.

So buckle up and enjoy the rise of the Daily Mix Report.



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