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MFC Returns With One Last Shot To Get Back On Track: Week 10 College Football Picks Of The Week


Turns out CFB can be quite the bitch these days. You know, you think you have it all and you’re 10 steps ahead of the odds makers and next thing you know you’re paying your bookie left and right. I did some serious research this week so if these picks go up in flames like the past two weeks, I’m officially retiring from publishing my picks (not from gambling, don’t be ridiculous). So here goes nothing, boys.

1) The Big Ten Brawl Bet: Michigan vs Maryland, POINTS (Over 54), 3:30 pm @ The Big House

Jabrill Peppers honestly might put up all 54 points himself. Both of these teams can put up points, and Maryland is much improved offensively from last year. However, that’s not really going to matter as Michigan will likely dominate every facet of the game. I’m looking at a 20+ point Michigan victory, but expect Maryland to put up some points. The smart bet here is definitely to take the over on the points, and watch Jabrill do his thing. Seriously, that dude is an animal.

2) Big 12 Sucks Bet: Oklahoma St (+130 ML) over Kansas State  3:30 pm @ KSU

The Pokes just came off a huge program win vs WVU last week, which once again proves that the Big 12 is full of mediocre teams with similar talent. Only difference with KSU is they haven’t had the season that OSU has, and moreover can’t put up the points to match OSU. Let’s look at a couple differentiators in this game. First, look at the coaches: OSU’s Mike Gundy is the man and actually got the game ball last week after their win over WVU. KSU’s Snyder, on the other hand, might have been alive to watch the Cubs win the 1908 World Series and probably has to take his dentures out to eat oatmeal. On the real, KSU is less talented and the fact that they’re the favorite must have everything to do with the fact that they have home field advantage. But who actually cares? Oklahoma St. will ride the high from last week and cruise past KSU. Money line boys.

3) The Screw Arkansas Bet: Florida (-4) vs Arkansas , 3:30 pm @ Arkansas

I’ve been real high on Arkansas in the past, but then they got embarrassed at Auburn and lost 56-3, that one hurt for sure (especially in the bank). However, this bet has more to do with Florida. The Gators have a solid defense with arguably the best secondary in football and are comprised of a competent offense that can be physical in the trenches (which Arkansas has proved it can’t be). I mean the Gators Tim Tebow at one point, who I’m starting to think might be the second coming of Jesus. Seriously, the dude performs miracles left and right and preaches all day every day. Can’t bet against Jesus! Plus, 4 points isn’t enough for a team that will likely win the SEC East, and needs this win to do so. Chomp Chomp!

4) The USC is for Tools Bet: Oregon (+17) vs USC, 7:00 pm @ The Coliseum

Both these teams suck. I really just wanted to take this bet because I hate USC almost as much as I hate Michigan, and if I’m going to be smart with my money and bet Michigan every week (against every ounce of my hatred for them), I’m gonna have to balance it out by betting against the fruit cakes at USC. The Trojan offense finally looks like its clicking, but for whatever reason I like the Ducks. USC has been a train wreck of a program as of late, and I think Royce Freeman is primed for a huge game. JuJu Smith and Adoree Jackson are the real deal, but make no mistake, I don’t have much confidence in Sam Darnold at all. What good are star WRs if the QB can’t get them the rock? Go Ducks.

5) The Bring Back Money Team Manziel Bet: Texas A&M (-12) vs Miss St, Noon @ Miss St

I’m really high on this A&M team. They’ve been stockpiling 5-star athletes over the past few recruiting cycles, and those boys are finally showing up to play, and boy are they athletic. Christian Kirk and Speedy Noil are great targets for Trevor Knight, who is explosive in his own right, and Myles Garrett is a freak of nature on the D-Line. Miss St took a HUGE blow losing Dak Prescott and the offense really hasn’t recovered yet. Overall, the difference in talent is way too much, not to mention that A&M is vying for a playoff birth, and will have all the motivation in the world to win. A&M will WIN BIG to make a push for the final 4.

It’s now or never boys.


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