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Could Theo Epstein Save The Knicks?

Theo Epstein is not human. The fact that Epstein broke The Curse of the Bambino AND The Curse of the Bambino is not even believable. In Boston, when Theo was hired in 2002, the team had not won a World Series since 1918. Two years later, the Red Sox are World Series champions. Somehow, Theo needed more of a challenge. Theo goes to the Cubs in 2011 and installs a “Five Year Plan.” Five years later, and the Cubs are World Series Champions for he first time in 108 years. I think they baseball should put him in the Hall of Fame right now and it’s actually insulting that he’s not in it already. Yes, I know they don’t put in active players, but come on, it’s Theo Epstein.

Theo Epstein should never pay for anything in Boston and Chicago for the rest of his life. Plus, he has vowed to throw a bender for the next month so how can you not get behind him as your leader?

So I’m going to throw out a HUGE hot take here.

Within 10 years, Theo Epstein will run another sports franchise that is not a baseball team.

The Guardian
The Guardian

Yup, you heard it here first. Theo Epstein will leave baseball and run another professional sports franchise. Before you call me an idiot, here me out. Theo almost left the Red Sox twice back in the mid 2000s. I’m not sure if it’s cause he’s bored or he runs himself out of a job, but the fact remains that he knows how to build a team. That’s a cold hard fact.

So I pose this question. Could Theo Epstein save the New York Knicks?

Call me crazy and insane, but I firmly believe Theo Epstein could turn around the Knicks. The jury is not out on Phil Jackson and I’m still on #InPhilWeTrust, but there’s no way the Zen Master will be around in 10 years. That being said, Theo will be 52 and still in his prime. After he’s won 2-3 more titles with the Cubs, I think he’ll need a change. What better place to come to than Madison Square Garden?

No, I am not drunk or high. I’m actually convincing myself that Theo Epstein will come to the Knicks. The development of players such Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Javy Baez is downright impressive. Why couldn’t he do the same with basketball talent? He totally could. Theo is the smartest executive alive and he will die for his players. He could 100000000% develop basketball players. If you don’t believe that, then I’m sure you didn’t believe the Red Sox could win a World Series or THE CUBS could win a series. If he could break the streak (s), he could bring a title to the Knicks.

Knicks 2026 Offseason – Sign Theo Epstein. Trade for Brad Stevens. Win the title by 2030. Ready…Break.

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